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Get a Closer Look at Furl’s Storage Bed Mechanisms

Furl storage bed mechanisms are at the heart of every single storage bed we’ve made since Furl was founded.

Our storage bed mechanisms are robust, sturdy, easy to open and close (with a smooth gliding motion; the same as you get when you open a car boot), and we’ve got electric opening mechanism options.

The beauty of the Furl storage bed design is the frame doesn’t take up a larger footprint than necessary. So, no one trips over the frame because you wouldn’t know our storage beds are actually storage beds unless you opened one.

Not only that, but the frame supports the mechanism the whole way round, so the mattress is better supported than the average storage bed.

Furl storage bed
Furl storage bed

Storage bed mechanisms for better mattresses 

Getting the best night’s sleep is as (if not more) important than the storage capacity of our storage beds.

We’ve made sure that every mattress we sell with our storage beds is designed to give you the best night’s sleep, and every mattress is available in every bed size we offer.

Furl has invested in creating the best mattresses possible for every storage bed in every UK and European bed size.

Furl Luxury 2000 Mattress
Furl Luxury 2000 Mattress

Mechanisms for heavier mattresses 

Furl storage bed mechanisms can handle heavy mattresses. So, if you’re investing in a luxurious but heavy mattress made by TEMPUR® or Vispring, then Furl storage beds are ideal.

Furl storage beds have strong and robust frames and mechanisms that can handle the heaviest of mattresses without straining.

TEMPUR mattress
TEMPUR mattress

Back, Side, or Electric Opening Mechanisms 

The last thing you want is to store loads under the bed only for it to be difficult to access. We’ve made our storage bed under-bed storage easy to access thanks to back, side, or electric opening mechanisms.

Our storage beds are custom-made to lift from the back, side, or we can install and electronic remote-control operated opening and closing mechanism.

Storage mechanisms built to last (warranty & guarantee)

Furl storage mechanisms are built to last. In the same way that we robustly test every single fabric, leather, and wood veneer, we do the same with our mechanisms, giving us the confidence to stand behind our 5-year warranty.

Our frames and mechanisms come with a 5-year warranty, a no-quibble guarantee, and we can replace anything that breaks no question’s asked.

Furl Storage bed
Furl Storage bed

Looking for a superior quality storage bed?

Furl storage beds are better, in so many ways, than other storage or ottoman beds for the following reasons:

  • Maximum Storage with the Smallest Footprint (up to 40cm with our largest storage beds)
  • We make all UK, US, and European Sizes (Single to Emperor)
  • Easy-to-lift: Side or End Opening mechanisms
  • Electric Opening Mechanisms available
  •  100s of Colour and Finish Options
  • Beds sold “naked,” so you can pick colours later
  • Get the best night’s sleep possible every night on a Furl storage bed.

Come and see Furl’s storage beds at any of our 3 London showrooms, and check out our range of storage beds online.

Need a storage bed in a hurry? Take a look at what we’ve got in-stock for quicker delivery.

Every Furl storage bed comes with a no-quibble refund guarantee, and a 5-year warranty (2 years for fabrics) and we will always send out any spare parts you need if anything needs replacing.

Furl Mirage storage bed
Furl Mirage storage bed