Best Sofa Beds for Everyday Use

Sofa beds are such a great idea but often they’re not really suitable for everyday use. That’s not the case with Furl sofabeds though. They’re strong, great to look at, available in a range of styles and sizes and, quite simply, the best when it comes to sofabeds for everyday use.

If you’ve spent your heard-earned cash on a beautiful sofabed then it stands to reason that you’ll want to use it regularly. By regularly we mean every night as a bed and every day as a sofa. Furl sofabeds are are built around strong mechanisms to make them durable (and comfortable) so repeated use is not a problem.

We know how well they last but we want you to too, so all Furl sofa beds are guaranteed for five years of normal use (that means sleeping and sitting not using as a trampoline!). Have a look at the Guarantee page for all the details.

Functional is only part of the story though isn’t it? If your sofa bed is for daily use chances are it will also be in a fairly prominent place so looks matter too. Furl sofa beds come in 8 styles and a host of beautiful fabrics and leathers. Have a look at the Fabric Options page to see the range and order your free swatches.

So with their comfort, durability and good looks I’m sure you’ll agree that Furl sofabeds really are the best sofa beds for everyday use.

For more information on our sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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