Large Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds on the high street come generally come in one size which for most people is quite small and uncomfortable.   Not only are they smaller than a double bed they aren’t long enough for most adults.  We didn’t think that was fair so in our range of sofa beds we cater for people in all shapes and sizes.  Choose our range of sofa beds and you’ll have the choice of a single sofa bed right through to a super king sofa bed, yes that’s a sofa bed that has a 180 x 200cm bed inside.  We make 4 sizes in between too so which are larger than your typical sofa bed.  No mater what the size all our sofa beds are 2m long, we make proper large sofa beds for real people!

Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Featured Model - Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Prices start at £1290

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