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Large Sofa Beds

Large high quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use.
Featured Model - Duette Large Size with buttoned back

Do you need a sofa bed that is not only comfortable but also a decent sized sofa bed?

So many high street sofa beds are just one size, which is usually quite small and uncomfortable. At Furl we wanted to create both a practical and comfortable sofa bed, all in one. So that’s exactly what we did. We made a sofa bed where the mattress size didn’t have to be compromised.

We have 10 different sofa bed designs to choose from and each of them comes in 5 different sizes. Our most popular size is the medium three-seater sofa bed, which actually has a mattress larger than a double bed. The most common problem with most sofa beds is that not only are they smaller than doubles, they aren’t actually long enough for adults either. We didn’t think that was very fair, so our range of sofa beds all have a mattress that is 2m long (That’s 6’6!), no matter what width you choose. The different sizes actually range from a Single, right the way up to a Super King size. Which is a whopping 180cm wide, by of course 200cm long.

Sofa Beds with Large full size beds

We’ve designed our large sofa beds with real bed sizes. If you have the sapce a large sofa bed is the perfect bed for guests.

We make large sofa beds with super king mattress sizes

You might be concerned about how you might fit this large sofa bed in to your room? Don’t worry, we really have thought about everything. Our large sofa beds are all delivered in complete pieces and assembled in your room for you so that access doesn’t have to be an issue. All of our sofas can also come with a variety of different arm options too. So if you want the large 4-seater, that has a 160cm wide mattress, but don’t quite have space for it with the standard arms you don’t need to worry. You can just switch the arm for an ultra slim one instead.

If your room is a little bit larger, you could add the wide sofa bed arms. They make the perfect spot for a cup of tea and a plate of biscuits. Or for a slightly more practical option, you could add the sofa bed storage arms. This means you can store all of the bedding, including the pillows within the sofa bed. Our large sofa beds are all made to order, so you can decide exactly which options you would like to add. And whether you would like it to be upholstered in fabric or leather.

Our large sofa beds are comfortable enough to use every night of the week. If you aren’t sure you believe us, then why not read about what our customers have said about them here.


We visited the Nottingham showroom to choose a sofa & received expert advice helping us to choose. The sofa bed arrived as advised, David put together within minutes. We are delighted, it is so comfortable for my elderly in laws. It is wider than a standard double bed. The service was excellent, we would highly recommend this product. Thank you Helen Muniappa

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