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What are your payment options?

Most of our products are made to order, so we request full payment at the time of order where possible. If you prefer to pay a 50% deposit, that’s fine too; the balance will be payable 3 days before delivery. We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay, but not AMEX, you can also pay by bank transfer into our UK or EU accounts.

Do you deliver overseas?

Delivery outside the UK is possible. Our terms are Ex-Factory, so you will source and liaise with the shipping company directly. Our products will be delivered partly assembled and can easily be disassembled further if needed and without any special tools. Please call us on 02084516999 or Contact Us for more details.

What warranty do you offer?

Because we make all our storage beds and sofa beds in our own workshops here in the UK and are so confident in the quality, we offer full 5-year parts and labour guarantee (2 years on the upholstered pieces). We offer 1 year on our mattresses and accessories. Full warranty details can be seen here.

How do I choose the right size sofa bed?

Follow our simple guide, and choosing the right sofa bed will be easy. 1. Mark out the size of the sofa bed with either newspaper or masking tape to see how it will fill the space and work with your existing furniture. 2. Move it around to try alternative layouts. 3. Make sure that there is enough room to fully open the bed. 4. Order Fabric Samples to see and feel the leathers and fabrics you like in your own home.

How do I care for my sofa bed?

Our sofa beds are designed for many years of regular use both as a bed and a sofa. There are a few simple DOs and DON'TS you that will keep yours looking fabulous.DO Vacuum your upholstery every few weeks to keep dust out of the fibres.DO blot any spills immediately with white kitchen paper. Check our cleaning guides for fabric sofa beds and leather sofa beds.DO avoid unnecessary exposure to direct sunlight. Cover or close blinds to avoid fading and weakening the fabric.DO remove all bedding before closing the sofa bed.DON'T force the mechanism. It should open and close smoothly - if it doesn't there's probably something stopping it.DON'T use harsh chemicals or cleaning products - even gentle soap can leave a mark.DON'T oil the mechanim, it's maintenance free.

Where is the mattress stored?

The mattress folds away with the bed and is stored within the frame. It doesn't have to be removed and won't be damaged by being folded.

Can you send me fabric samples?

Yes. We encourage you to request samples as there's no better way to see and feel the quality of our fabrics and leathers.  Visit our Fabric Samples page, choose the fabrics and leathers you like and click on the + or drag them to the box to the left. Fill in your details and your samples will arrive in the post within 5 days.

Which fabric is the most hardwearing?

A fabric's durability is measured using a standard test called the Martindale Rub Test. The higher the number the harder wearing the fabric will be, with a score of 30,000 considered the norm for general domestic use. The Martindale Rub Test results for our fabrics can be seen here

How can I be sure your sofa beds will fit through my doors?

We make our sofa beds in sections, so we can as good as guarantee we'll be able to get yours into your chosen room. Our delivery staff are very experienced so will quickly assess the best way in when they arrive. Once it's in place, they will then assemble your new sofa bed and take away all the packaging too.

We're confident we can get our sofa beds into most places and want you to be too. We offer the option of requesting a refund if yours won't go in. * However, if you think access is particularly tight or awkward, please call or Contact Us to talk it through. We're here to help. (*Terms Apply) 

How long is the sofa bed guaranteed for?

Our sofa beds are guaranteed for 5 years of trouble-free use, but we expect them to last much, much longer.  We use the best quality materials and make the sofabeds ourselves in the UK to ensure they're always of the highest quality. The mechanisms are the best available and strong enough to be used every day for many years to come - the 50 000 already in use around the world are testament to their quality and strength.   Click here to see the details of our no-nonsense Guarantee.

How long is it from order to delivery?

We will deliver your sofa bed as quickly as possible. Current delivery times are around 4-10 weeks (which is pretty fast given they're all hand made to order). When your sofa bed is nearly finished, we will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time.  On the day we'll call you when we're close and once we've delivered your sofa bed our team will even take away the packaging.

Can I supply my own fabric?

Yes, our Bespoke sofa bed service allows you to supply your own fabric. This is a lovely way to personalise your sofa bed.  Fabric must be fire retardant to meet UK standards (if in doubt contact your fabric supplier as we cannot use fabric that is not treated).  Contact Us for quantities required for your chosen size or to talk things through.  Fabric should be sent to Unit 14, Calverton Business Park, Hoyle Road. Calverton. Nottingham NG14 6QL

Where are the dimensions of your sofa beds?

Please check our sofa bed range for details.

Are your sofa beds comfortable?

Comfort is a very personal thing, and we have worked very hard to make what we think are sofa beds that are comfortable as a bed and as a sofa.  Many of our customers have told us how comfortable they've found their new sofa beds. Have a look at our Testimonials to read their comments. To help you select the right sofa bed for you we have produced a detailed guide to the measurements and prices of all our products.  Remember though, if you're not happy we offer a full, no-quibble 14 day guarantee. (Collection charge applies.)

Where can I see your sofa beds?

Our sofa beds aren't available in shops or on the high street. The only way to see them is to visit us at one of our Showrooms. Come and test how easily our sofa beds open and close, try the mattresses and see the full range of leathers and fabrics too. Our London Showroom is open every day. For Nottingham and Watford ShowPods the opening hours are flexible, but visits must be arranged in advance. Click here to make an appointment.

What's the difference between your storage beds?

The main difference between the models is the amount of storage they offer. Max has the deepest storage base which provides 35cm of storage with the option to increase to 40cm. Simplicity is our lowest bed and provides 20cm of storage. For more information please view our storage bed range.

Can I have fabric samples?

Yes, visit our fabric page, click on the + symbol on the sample or drag and drop it into the drop box. The samples you have requested will appear in the samples drop box to the left of the fabrics ranges. Complete your name, address etc. Your samples will arrive in the post within 48 hours. If you have seen a sample at the showroom that is not available to request online, please send us an email and we will post one to you.

Do you make storage beds without headboards?

Yes, headboards are an optional extra on all our storage beds. Simply choose 'no headboard' at the design and order stage. Should you need a headboard later. thats fine, all our beds are prepared to accept our headboards later. You can buy a headboard at any time, just call us to order.

How much weight can the storage base take?

The wood internal floor of your storage bed is supported on all sides and in the middle with a hidden feet. You can store as much as you need to inside. It won't warp or buckle under the weight, Max has a clever arrangement where the items within are on the floor protected by a canvas lining maximizing the storage.

Where can I see your Storage beds and try your mattresses?

Our full range of storage beds, mattress and accessories are on display at our showroom in London or you are very welcome to visit our workshop in Nottingham.

Do your beds come with mattresses?

You can choose an optional mattress on our interactive design page. Click here for information on the mattresses we sell

How does the headboard attach to the bed?

Our headboards can be attached either to the wall or the bed (integrated), we strongly recommend wall mounting as it looks better and does not add any length to the bed. We can attach the headboard to the wall for you or provide all the brackets you need. Integrated headboards attach to the bed with removable brackets.

How high up the wall does the headboard come?

Our headboards can be placed at your ideal height (above the mattress), our standard headboard is 60cm tall.

How much space will I need?

You will need to allow for an additional 5cm over and above the standard bed size. For example to fit a King Size (150 x200cm) you will need a space of 155 x 205cm.

Can I move the bed easily?

Our beds are heavy, and are difficult to move once you have filled it up. Should you need to move your bed regularly, you can have a bed with castors with our Simplicity model.

Can I have a bed which opens horizontally?

We supply a horizontal or side opening mechanism options for all sizes. Take a look at our mechanism page

How are your beds delivered? Will it go up my narrow stairs?

We are experts at getting your storage bed in the most challenging spaces and we've not been beaten yet! All our storage beds are delivered in a number of individual parts designed to fit round the tightest of corners into the narrowest of spaces. If we can't get your bed into your room you get a full refund. However if you think access is particularly tight or awkward please call or Contact Us to talk it through. We're here to help. (*Terms Apply)

Can I have a bed made in my own fabric?

We offer a bespoke option where you can send us your own fabric for finishing your bed. Ring us on 0208 451 6999 for more details Yes, our Bespoke storage bed service allows you to supply your own fabric. This is a lovely way to personalise your sofa bed. Fabric must be fire retardant to meet UK standards (if in doubt contact your fabric supplier as we cannot use fabric that is not treated). Contact Us for quantities required for your chosen size or to talk things through. Fabric should be sent to Unit 14, Calverton Business Park, Hoyle Road. Calverton. Nottingham NG14 6QL.

I've seen lots of Storage Beds, what makes yours different?

We specialise in Storage Beds. Our designs offer more storage than any other and the beds have a very small footprint. The quality of our mechanisms needs to be seen to be truly appreciated, they are sturdy and are very easy to open and close. If you've seen other storage beds you'll know they are often available in one colour while we offer 100s of beautiful fabrics and leather options.

Do you have any storage beds in stock for quick delivery?

Yes, we always have a few of our best-selling beds in stock. We also offer the Max storage bed ‘naked’ delivered within 2 weeks depending on location.

How high does the bed lift up?

Our storage beds lift up to an amazing 1.7metres!

Does the bed stay up on its own when open?

The powerful gas struts aid lifting of the bed as well as enabling it to remain open. Our beds are suitable for most mattresses, if you think your existing mattress is very heavy, please contact us for advice.

I am moving - how can I take my bed apart for transportation?

Bed dis-assembly instructions can be downloaded here.

How quickly can I have my bed made and delivered?

Our current delivery times are shown here. If you are in a hurry, take a look at our list of beds we can deliver a little faster.

Are your beds hard to lift?

Our storage beds are designed to be used regularly and are easy to lift. The gas springs in our beds are tailored to the size of the bed and type of mattress. If you are planning to use an existing mattress or are purchasing a mattress from elsewhere that’s fine, our beds are designed to work with all mattress types. However, if it is very heavy, please be aware that the initial lift will be harder than with a standard weight mattress. If you think your existing mattress is very heavy, please contact us for advice.

Can I customise my bed's measurements?

Yes, we offer a fully bespoke option where you can fully customize the width, length and depth of your bed. We also make mattresses to your chosen size. Contact us for more details.

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