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Sofa Beds you Can Sleep On!

The beds and mattresses in our sofa beds are as good as a real bed, we’ve designed them that way.

Designed as Great Looking Sofas

Comfortable squishy and perfect to cuddle up on, our sofa beds are as comfy as they are stylish.

As Good as a Real Bed

The deepest mattresses you’ll have ever seen on a sofa bed, our sofa beds are real beds.

On-Trend Colours and Styles

We’ve lots of fabric in all the latest colours and textures, hot pink not your thing? No problem.

Create Your Extra Room

Sofa beds are the ideal way to make better use of your space.

Finally, a sofa bed you can really sleep on!

We're different - we set out with one goal - to make the very best sofa beds you can get. Sofa beds you can sleep on (yes we mean sleep) every night as your main bed.  Sofa beds you're not embarrassed about when your guests come over.

All our sofa beds are designed and made by us at our workshops in Nottingham. They're made to a quality where we expect them to be used every night as your main bed and every day as a sofa. They're guaranteed for 5 years. As the UK's leading sofa bed specialists since 2007, we're passionate about sofa bed design and function and we love making sofa beds that look great but - more importantly - perform brilliantly night and day.

So, whether you intend to sleep on it every night or want to offer the very best sleep experience to your guests our sofa beds are quite different to anything you will have seen before. They open and close effortlessly, you don't even have to remove the cushions so the transition from Sofa to Bed takes less than 5 seconds.

No one wants their sofa to look like a sofa bed, that's why we've worked really hard to make our sofa beds look like the stylish, comfortable sofas they are. And yes, they're as comfortable as any high quality sofa. We offer 6 designs in 5 sizes and a choice of quality fabrics and leathers in 100s of colours.

Watch our Sofa Beds in Action


Latest Designs

The AirB Sofa Bed Available in 5 sizes and our full range of beautiful leathers and fabrics, AirB is the latest in our sofabed range.

What makes us different?

We only make sofa beds you can use everyday Premium materials and fillings World class easy-to-open mechanisms Huge range of fabrics and leathers