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Stylish Storage Beds

We’ve designed our beds to take up as little space in your room as possible, our beds have a footprint about the same size as your mattress. Delivered in sections and assembled for you in the room - access is never a problem even on our largest sizes.

Headboards are Optional

Headboards are an option on all our storage beds, its so easy to create a sumptuous bedroom without one too, just use lots of cushions.

The Perfect Height for your Room

Our homes are different shapes and sizes, and our storage beds are made with this in mind – choose the size and height that best suits your space.

They don’t look like Storage Beds

We make our storage beds beautiful to match the design, look and feel of your bedroom.

Why choose any other bed?

Storage beds are a no-brainer, you’ve probably got space under your existing bed, it’s probably being used but is dusty and not very accessible you use it for old boxes and stuff you have long forgotten about. Beds designed for storage change all that, they are clean, easy to access and maximise every inch of storage under the bed.

They are such a simple idea as most of the best inventions are, that doesn’t make them easy to make, a lot of thought and attention to detail makes our storage beds different, whether it’s the size of the frame, the ease of opening or simply by designing the mechanism to open very high to give better access, our storage beds are the best bedroom storage solution.

Why we're different

  • The most Storage in the Smallest Footprint
  • We make all UK, US and European Sizes
  • Easy to lift Side or End Opening mechanisms
  • 100s of Colour and Finish Options
  • Headboards are Optional
  • 6 Storage Depths, from 20cm to 40cm

Our Storage Beds in Action


Tidy your Bedroom

All this fits easily in our beds!

Quality Craftsmanship

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