Corner Sofa Beds

Space for a whole family, or for you to stretch out on your own. Our L shaped and corner sofa beds offer so much more than you could ever imagine. The practically of hidden storage, and the luxury of a proper bed that solves your storage and sleeping problems in one. Fully configurable to meet your needs perfectly with 5 sizes, mattress depths up to 18cm and 100s of fabrics.


The largest range of corner sofa beds in the UK

With a Furl corner sofa bed, you can relax, sleep and store everything comfortably. Mix and match models, sofa sizes, bed sizes and storage options to create your perfect corner, U-shaped or pretty much any shape you need at home. Individually designed to your exact specification, book a design consultation with our experts today.

Exceptional Sleep Guaranteed, with mattress depths up to 18cm

Our corner sofa beds are not just comfortable pretty sofas, they are packed with innovative, practical solutions you’ll love. The bed is as good as a real bed, it comes in five real bed sizes and like most beds, a choice of mattress. All our sofa beds are designed to be used every night if needed.

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L shaped sofa bed with massive storage in the chaise

A Furl L shaped sofa bed offers you the features of a corner but in a more space conscious way. A sofa bed with a the modular storage chaise added, creates relaxed comfort, massive storage. Available on all our sofa bed models, designed for an exceptional sleep experience, every night.


The chaise is not just for lounging...

We’re experts at finding a practical angle to every product we design, and our chaise is no exception - designed to effortlessly raise up to reveal massive storage under the cushion. There’s plenty of space for luggage, pillows, bedding and so much more - offer your guests an amazing bed and space for their things too.

Our corner sofa bed range

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