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Luxury Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Stunning Headboard Designs

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Wood Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Bespoke Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

It’s hard to know what mattresses can be used on a storage bed.

Some storage beds on the market have very strict criteria on what mattress you can use. But here at Furl, when it comes to the best mattress for storage bed, we like to keep it easy. Really easy in fact – so you can use any mattress, from anywhere on any of our storage beds. Providing it is the right size of course!

We have a selection of mattress options, which are all available to test at our showroom. They all have different firmness ratings and compositions so that there is something for everyone. Remember there is no ‘best mattress’, the only way to find out the best mattress for you is to test them all. So we recommend that’s exactly what you do! But if you would like to read more about our storage bed mattresses first, then you can do here.

Our beds and mattresses are also available in 8 different sizes. Including Single, Small Double, Double, Continental Double, King, Continental King, Super King and Emperor sizes. So we make all of those awkward sizes that aren’t often found in the UK. We have Pocket Sprung Options, Memory Foam, Latex and a Hybrid Mattress combining foam and springs. Every mattress type is available in every size, so you can find a storage bed full mattress size.

Our storage bed mechanisms are easy to open, and the gas pistons assist the lifting. But of course the heavier the mattress, the harder the initial lift will be until the gas pistons kick in and take over. There is no mattress that is too heavy, in that there is a solution. We can use reinforced pistons to hold the mattress up, and we can if we really need to, provide a prop to keep the mattress open. But ideally at King Size, you wouldn’t want to exceed 50kg-55kg.

You might already have a mattress and perhaps it’s actually not that old. If you would like to keep it, you can. All of our storage beds can be purchased with or without mattresses. So you would simply leave the mattress off when ordering. Our mattresses can also be ordered at any time, so if you would like to add one later then you can do.

If you have any questions about mattresses for storage beds, or you would like to ask us any questions about storage bed mattress size, then please do just give us a call on 0208 4516999.

4.88 Average of 1084 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


Great bed, sturdy and easy to lift with a heavy mattress on top. Masses of storage space. The company are great to deal with - before, during and after purchase (needed to dismantle and move the bed!) I would definitely buy another product from them.

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