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Hand made storage beds with optional headboards from the UK


Do you ever consider how set in our ways we are in this country? How, for example, if we’re making tea we add milk to the cup before pouring in the water, yet if it’s coffee the milk must be added after? (I’m sure there’s a reason!). Well in the same way have you noticed how most beds are sold with headboards? Not everyone wants a headboard though. And if it’s difficult to buy an ordinary bed without a headboard, it’s even more difficult to buy an ottoman bed without one.

In fact headboards (and their opposite number the foot, or spragging board) have been around for as long as beds have. Historically they were purely functional – there to keep draughts at bay and create a space between the bed and its occupants and cold, damp bedroom walls. Hence they were mainly made from wood as wood doesn’t get as cold as stone. Have a look at Wikipedia if you’re keen to find out more.

  • High Quality as Standard
  • 5 Styles and 6 Sizes to Choose From
  • Practical Storage Solution
  • Pick Your Colour, Fabric or Finish
  • Custom UK Made To Order
  • Prices From £535
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Practical, Stylish Storage Beds without headboards

That was then though and this is now and, while headboards do serve to keep the pillows in place, in many ways these days they’re decorative and so not essential. And in fact many people don’t want one at all.

There are many reasons you may not want a headboard. Perhaps the bed is going into a tight alcove, or the bed is part of a fitted bedroom suite. Perhaps the bed is under a window or there is a particular feature of the wall that it would be a shame to hide behind a headboard. Or it could be a question of cost – or even that you simply don’t want one. Don’t like them, that’s the end of it. Here at Furl®, that’s just fine.

Many beds and almost all ottoman storage beds are sold with the headboard as part of the package. Often the only option is to take it off once you’ve got it and then store it yourself (at least if you have a storage bed you could keep it inside!). We want you to have what you want though, and only what you want. So we sell our storage beds with or without a headboard. In fact, you could always start off without and then add one later if that was what you wanted – all of our storage beds have the fixings so adding a headboard at a later date is simple.

We specialise in beautiful wood, leather and fabric storage beds – and whether or not you choose to have a headboard is entirely up to you. Because we make all of our beds ourselves in our own workshops you can have exactly what you want when you want it. Our beds aren’t shipped in as part of a kit. That way we (and you) have complete flexibility.

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Sleigh Storage Bed

Featured Model - Sleigh Oak King

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Air Storage Bed

Air - 31cm deep


Simplicity Storage Bed

Simplicity- 20cm deep

Best SellerMax Storage Bed

Max - 35cm deep

Illusion Storage Bed

Illusion - 33cm deep

Wood Storage Bed

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Plus Storage Bed

Plus - 30cm deep

Leather Storage Bed

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Low Bed

Low Bed

Ottoman Box

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