Extend Your Dining Options at Home

Made for us by Ozzio, the Italian extending table experts, our range of tables has been chosen to maximize your space. To bring back the joy of entertaining at home, sit on the floor eating sushi, gather your family around the table, and create memorable moments. Choose a table that fits the life around you and your space. 

Coffee tables that convert into full-size dining tables and dining tables that extend and expand to seat 14.   Turn your coffee table into a dining room table or adjust it's height to eat more comfortably on the sofa!

The largest range of Ozzio Tables in the UK. See them at our London Showrooms 

Height Adjustable Coffee Table | Table that Un-Folds to Seat 6 Height Adjustable Coffee Table | Table that Un-Folds to Seat 6 2
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A versatile table that offers multiple placement options. A clever all-in-one design that effortlessly raises and lowers and when required... doubles in size.

Dining & Study

Compact console table to dining table, from 43cm to 293cm in 10 seconds. Golia is a full width dining table that delivers exceptional dining options for up to 12 guests.

Dining & Study

The Big Round dining table extends and expands around your needs. A beautiful wooden table that converts quickly into a dining table that seats 6, 8 or 10 guests in comfort. 

Dining & Study

The 4x4 extending table is a beautiful dining table that, in its standard shape, seats six guests in comfort. With a little bit of magic and the flip of a few leaves, it converts effortlessly into a table that can seat up to 12 guests.

Dining & Study

Ultra Compact Console Table to 14 person dining table, extends from 35cm to 267cm in 10 seconds. A4 is a unique table that delivers exceptional dining options in a space that’s about the size of an A4 pad of paper.

Newood Coffee Table that Lifts and Extends | Dining & Study Newood Coffee Table that Lifts and Extends | Dining & Study 2
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Dining & Study

A beautiful coffee table that converts quickly into a dining table that seats 6 or 8 people. Height adjustable from 23cm to 80cm and available in real wood, cement and painted finishes.

Dining & Study

Minux is the smallest console in the world with only 20cm depth. Featuring extensions, which are stored inside, allowing it to extend up to 162cm accommodating up to 8 guests.

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Box Table is an elegant and unashamedly practical coffee table. You'll love its clean lines and effortless conversion into a table to seat 8 guests. 

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Eclipse is a beautiful table that converts quickly into a dining table that seats 6 or 8 people. Its clever synchronized mechanism is so simple to use.

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Up and Over Table with Storage. When space is tight and the sofa is the only place to sit, our Bellagio Coffee Table solves three problems in one.

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Our ‘Little Home Office’ has a footprint of just 0.09 m² (that’s about the width of your hand!) and can turn any room in your house into a stylish and functional home office.

Clever Tables in Action

Big Round Table

Saving Space with better, bigger (and more compact), multi-functional clever tables

A table is "a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing, or working at" - that sounds pretty multifunctional to me. Often overlooked as a simple everyday object, tables are one of the home’s most practical pieces of furniture. I can’t think of any other furniture that has so many uses by everyone in the home.

Furl’s passion evolves around making everyday objects more practical, space-saving, and functional - we strive to offer products you’ll love to use and will make better use of your space, whether you have a studio apartment or a large family home, space-saving furniture can change the way you live and interact in your home. Traditionally, most houses had a dining room, but as house prices have risen and large houses converted into flats, the dining room is now reserved for large houses outside of the city; kitchens have become the new eating space with breakfast bars masquerading as a dining table, so is it any wonder that the explosion of eateries in the cities continues to rise!

We don’t expect our customers have dinner parties every weekend or sit down together to eat every evening, but we do think that having the option of sitting and eating together is something to enjoy and encourage, and having furniture that folds or extends means that you can have a flexible table arrangement when needed. So our range of tables caters to just that - we have coffee tables that lift and extend into larger tables and a console that’s just as happy as a small desk as it is seating 12 people. All our clever table ideas are simple to convert and a joy to use whether you’re entertaining or enjoying a game of Monopoly, all sitting together on cushions on the floor.

Clever Tables

We have several products in our clever tables range, including Goliath, which goes from console table to dining table, from 43cm to 293cm in 10 seconds, and seats 12, to Horizon , an up-and-over coffee table with storage that you can use as a dining solution in front of the sofa.

Our console tables fold away so they’re completely out of the way, taking up as little space as possible whilst giving you somewhere to key keys, candles, or flowers. Take a look at our range of clever tables at any of our three London showrooms .

Our desks are ideal for working from home and space-saving, so they take up barely a hands-width when not in use. Check out your new Little Home Office .

The Furl Clever Table Difference

Our showroom visitors say “ WOW! ”

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