Wooden Storage Beds

Storage beds crafted in exceptional wood finishes you’ll love. Choose Oak, Walnut or painted wood options to complement your home.

Sustainable meets space-saving, with beds that offer a vast amount of storage, reduce allergies and are easy to clean.

Max Wood | Wooden Storage Beds |  Our Deepest Storage Bed Max Wood | Wooden Storage Beds |  Our Deepest Storage Bed 2
Wood Finishes
Wooden Storage Beds

Massive storage in a small footprint. A wood bed you'll never need to clean underneath. Up to 40cm storage depth. Manual or electric mechanism.

Air Wood | Wooden Storage Beds| Slim with Tall Legs Air Wood | Wooden Storage Beds| Slim with Tall Legs 2
Wood Finishes
Wooden Storage Beds

Elegant storage bed standing on tall tapered wood legs, with a slim profile and hidden storage. Up to 38cm Storage Depth. Manual or electric mechanism.

Low Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage Low Wood | Wooden Storage Beds | Loft Beds with Storage 2
Wood Finishes
Wooden Storage Beds

A contemporary low bed that’s got plenty of storage for cabin luggage and more. Up to 22cm storage depth, manual or electric mechanism.


Walnut Storage / Ottoman Beds

Prized by woodworkers for its strength, grain and natural colour. It has a smooth finish, an attractive grain, and a colour ranging from creamy white to dark chocolate. In fact, walnut is the only dark brown wood commercially available, so it is widely used in luxury interiors where it truly comes to life. Rarely seen on storage beds, walnut is stunning and will make a real statement piece in your bedroom.


Oak Storage / Ottoman Beds

The UK’s favorite wood and for good reason. Oak is a hardwood that comes from a slow growing tree. It is one of the most resistant and durable woods, making it perfect for furniture that gets used a lot. The beauty of oak lies uniqueness of its grain and its texture. It is a wood that brings naturalness, elegance and warmth, making your room more welcoming.


Painted Storage / Ottoman Beds

Oak painted black or oak painted white, enjoy the feel and grain texture of wood with a colour that’s more suited to your interior. Our painted storage beds are offered in black and white as standard, but can be supplied ‘raw’ so you can paint them at home to match your favourite Farrow and Ball colour scheme.

The Luxury of Storage in a Wood Ottoman Bed

Wood beds are chosen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have an allergy and need a surface that does not attract dust and is easy to wipe clean. Maybe you need a chemical-free bed that’s as natural as possible, or do you just adore the look and feel of wood and want to enjoy the pleasure of it in your bedroom?

The UK’s love affair with wood is as strong as ever. Wood has been used in furniture in one way or another for thousands of years. The Egyptians made wooden stools, beds, and tray tables to which arms and legs were added to create the first throne-style chairs. And so, the concept of multifunctional furniture was born, and it’s a trend that’s continued ever since. Over the centuries, wood has been used not only in furniture design but also in the construction of homes, and now, it’s increasingly being seen and used as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete.

Here at Furl, wood features in many of our designs, not only in the internal construction of our storage beds and sofa beds, but also use wood for the finer details of headboards and feet. We love all things wood, the way it looks, and feels, and the pleasure we get from working with a material that’s different every time. For many years, we made a range of solid wood storage beds. They were hugely popular, but due to increasing costs and concerns for the use of the world’s raw materials, we decided to stop making them whilst we evaluated the future. A few years on, we’re delighted to re-introduce a range of wood storage beds that we believe are better than the ones they are replacing. They are more sustainable, more eco-friendly, and use a fraction of the earth’s resources. We are also proud to adhere to UK laws concerning the use of FSC-certified wood and non-harmful chemicals in our fabrics.

Rather than use solid wood, we’re using carefully selected real wood veneers. Wood veneers offer the same beauty, colour, and grain as solid woods, but as it’s a thin cross-section of real wood bonded to a stable material like MDF, it reduces the environmental impact and cost. We do still use hardwoods, as we integrate a solid wood edge to all bed parts for extra durability and beauty. We’ve even thought through the use of solid wood for the edges, and we’re able to use off-cuts created from different processes in our manufacturing (like an abstract headboard) to find a new use for this ‘waste’ material. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to reduce waste as much as possible, either through re-using wood, recycling, and even offering what we can’t use to artisans and craftspeople from our workshops.

We have 6 different wood storage bed designs, all available in oak, walnut, black and white. All you have to do is decide which one is your favourite or how much storage you need. Our Simplicity base has 20cm of storage. Low has 24cm of storage. Air has a combination of 15cm and 30cm of storage. Max, our most popular storage bed, has a huge 35cm of storage. No matter which base you choose, if you select to have a wood bed with storage, it will be made out of real wood. Our end-opening mechanisms also open up really high so that you can easily get to the storage at the back of the bed. But if you are fitting your bed into a small space, then they can also come with a side opening and electric mechanism, too. Just because you select a wood storage bed frame, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a wooden headboard. We only have one wooden headboard style, and that is our standard rectangular headboard. But you can actually add any fabric or leather headboard onto a wooden bed base. So, if you’d prefer a softer headboard to create a more modern storage bed, then it’s completely possible. We make wooden storage beds in Single, Small Double, British Double, Continental Double, British King, Continental King, Super King, and Emperor. Starting at 90cm wide and ranging up to 200cm wide. Our wooden frames are slim and have almost the same footprint as the mattress. Choose a wood bed and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.

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