All of our Products are delivered in sections

Did you know that all of our products are delivered in sections? So our sofa beds come in pieces. And our storage beds come in complete pieces too. Our tables are also brought in to your home in as many pieces as they need to be. And all of our products are assembled within your room by our own in-house delivery team. However, these are not like flat packed sofa beds! Read on…!

What does this mean?

Our furniture has been specifically designed to fit around the tightest of corners and into the narrowest of spaces. What this means is that we shouldn’t have any trouble bringing our Furl products into your home. We’ve got our products up spiral staircases, into attic conversions and down into basement flats. Our general rule, is that providing you can walk in to the space, (without having to bend, twist or turn), then our furniture can too. Of course, your space might be abnormally tight, so if you are concerned then we ask you to send us photographs and measurements of your access, so we can be sure it will fit before you order and we deliver.

How many sections does a sofa bed come in?

A sofa bed comes in 6 different sections. The Sofa Bed mechanism, the Arms, the Seat Cushions, the Seat Back Cushions, the Back Panel and the Kickboard. The sofa bed mechanism is delivered folded, and so is not really much bigger than you and I. It fits through standard sized doorways with ease.


How many sections does a storage bed come in?

A storage bed comes in either 10 or 11 different sections, depending on whether you have it with or without a headboard. The Storage Bed mechanism is divided in to two, each of the four bed panels is separate, the four supporting corner steel brackets are all delivered separately too and the headboard is a separate item. If you have one of our storage beds that has a solid base, the base is also delivered in two sections. All parts fit through a standard sized doorway with ease.


Can Furl furniture be taken apart again if it needs to be moved?

Absolutely. Furl furniture can be moved as many times as it needs to be. We can provide disassembly and reassembly instructions, and we can even provide a service to help you move your Furl furniture too. It really is that simple.