Red Sofa Beds for the Valentine's Day

Have you noticed? It’s Valentine’s day – and you can be sure I’m not the only one writing naff poems..!

Why is it that everything turns red on Valentine’s day? Shops put up red window displays, websites get a red border, half the letters that drop through the door are in red envelopes (if you’re lucky…).

Not wanting to be left out, it’s a good day to tell you about our red sofa beds. Furl sofabeds are all hand made and upholstered by us here in Nottingham so we can make them any colour we like…and we love red. There’s red wool, red leather, red faux suede….

Of course red isn’t the only colour we do. Have a look at the Fabric page for all the details.

If you’re the organised type you’ll have booked a table in your loved one’s favourite restaurant weeks ago, but how about thinking ahead to next year? If a proposal is in the offing, there’s nothing better than a sofa bed with storage arms to bring out the romantic in you. The storage arms on our London model would be the ideal place to hide a ring (have a look at the London sofa bed page for pictures and the details).

It’s true that red is a romantic colour – and therefore red sofabeds are particularly appealing.  We love them for the bold statement they make. It’s not only the upholstery that makes Furl sofabeds the perfect place for romance. The mechanisms are strong and a choice of three mattress types means there’s one to suit every preference (have a look at the Mattresses page).

Go on, set free the romantic in you and have a beautiful red sofa bed in your bedroom, lounge, office or playroom.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

To find out more, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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