Side by Side Sofa Bed

A unique sofa bed with twin beds, for friends or those who prefer to sleep apart.

From £2,625

About Side By Side

Side-by-Side is a new concept in sofa beds, two generous, comfortable sofas with a quality sofa bed under each seat, maintaining our ‘sofa bed for everyday use ‘design principles, the beds on our side-by-side sofa bed are no different, offering a range of thick mattresses you’ll love to use every day. Separating your beds is a clever storage compartment, which can be used to store bedding, and cushions (or our preferred option a minibar).

Twin beds in a hotel room are a practical solution, especially if sharing a room with friends or if you have children. Twin beds, never before seen on sofa beds, are now part of our new collection – we think they are the perfect spare room sofa bed and open up your home to more varied guests.

Converting the sofa into a twin bed is fast and easy; sofa bed to bed in seconds.

Our showroom visitors say “ WOW! ”

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