Luxury Sofa Beds for eveyday use

With our luxury sofa beds, we feel like we’re making a statement. We noticed that many people treat sofa beds as a last resort. As sofas, they’re usually tucked away in spare rooms. As beds, they’re generally only used by unexpected guests. We wondered – why shouldn’t sofa beds be designed for everyday use? Why shouldn’t a sofa bed offer a luxurious experience every bit as good as a high end sofa or bed?

Whether you’re using them as a sofa or as a bed, our luxury sofa beds provide the sort of comfortable experience you might not have thought possible with a sofa bed. With a proper mattress and a choice of some seriously high quality fabrics and leathers, our luxury sofa beds are so premium that some of our customers have told us that they’ve even started to sleep in the living room themselves.

Our luxury sofa beds are available in a range of sizes and a choice of seven styles - Metro, London, Cambio, Play, Retro, Duette, and Classic. In terms of size, our range stretches from single seat chair beds to extra-large 5 seaters. Each style contains the same opening mechanism, so each is equally as practical and convenient.

With an extensive choice of high quality fabrics and leathers, we offer more freedom than most furniture stores for you to make your new sofa bed a true reflection of your unique style. Your luxury sofa bed can be a stunning example of contemporary British design, with not another like it in the world.

On top of that, we use the thickest mattresses you’re ever likely to find on sofa beds. Most sofa beds feature mattresses that are around 9cm deep, which might explain why they’re often thought of as last resorts. Our mattresses are 14cm deep, fully loaded with firm springs, and every bit as spacious and accommodating as standard double beds. There’s even a memory foam option.

For more information on our luxury sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Featured Model - Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Prices start at £1290

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