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Single Storage Beds


Ideal for guest rooms and smaller spaces, our single storage beds perfectly combine comfort, style and practicality. Measuring just 3’ by 6’3, they are compact enough to fit in even the tightest of spaces, yet large enough to ensure that a full grown adult can still enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Through offering between 20cm and 35cm of clean and easy to access storage space, our single storage beds can even eliminate the need for bulky drawers and wardrobes, helping you to reduce clutter and really make the most of even the smallest of rooms.

  • High Quality as Standard
  • 5 Styles and 6 Sizes to Choose From
  • Practical Storage Solution
  • Pick Your Colour, Fabric or Finish
  • Custom UK Made To Order
  • Prices From £535
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Practical, Stylish & Convenient Single Storage Beds

Handmade in our Nottingham studio, no two of our single storage beds are ever the same. Each is made from scratch exactly to your specifications, and there is no part that’s not customisable. You are free to make every part your own, which means that as well as being incredibly practical, our single storage beds also act as unique reflections of your own personal style.

Choose from Simplicity, Plus, Air or Max styles, each of which offers different levels of storage space, before browsing our extensive selection of high quality fabrics and finishes. If you’ve got something specific in mind, with our bespoke design service, we can even upholster beds in a fabric of your choice.

Next choose the perfect mattress, the perfect headboard, and take a look at our range of accessories. From ottoman boxes, to bedside tables, and even insurance-approved safes, our accessories are designed to complement your perfect look whilst offering even more practicality.

We also offer a choice of lifting mechanisms. The end opening beds are suitable for most situations, but those interested in single storage beds might prefer a side opening bed. With a convenient opening mechanism that allows full-length access to the storage area, side opening single storage beds are just the thing for tight spaces.

Our single storage beds are priced from £510. For more information, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

Use our simple step by step guide to create your perfect single storage bed!

Single Storage Bed

Featured Model - Single Storage Bed

Prices start at £735

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Air Storage Bed

Air - 31cm deep


Simplicity Storage Bed

Simplicity- 20cm deep

Best SellerMax Storage Bed

Max - 35cm deep

Illusion Storage Bed

Illusion - 33cm deep

Wood Storage Bed

Wood Beds

Plus Storage Bed

Plus - 30cm deep

Leather Storage Bed

Leather Beds

Low Bed

Low Bed

Ottoman Box

Ottoman Box