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Reviews of best comfortable Sofa Beds

High Quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use.
Featured Model - Duette with chaise option

Did you know that we make the best comfortable sofa beds in the UK.

In fact did you know that we actually make the most comfortable sofa beds on the market? It is a fact that is quite hard to believe. Sofa beds are known for being a little bit rubbish. They are usually opened as a very last resort, and are apologetically opened for those guests that just had a little bit too much wine to drive home. And these thoughts about sofa beds are something that we wanted to change.

So we created, designed and made 10 different sofa beds styles that can be used every single night of the week. As both a very comfortable sofa, and a very comfortable bed. A bed that no guest would ever complain about. A bed that feels as good as a real bed. And that could be swiftly converted from bed to sofa and back again with ease and style. We know that might all sound very hard to believe. So we thought we might just share with you our customer’s reviews of the best comfortable sofa beds out there.

Before purchasing, it was easy to request fabric samples and ask questions about designs. My sofa is now almost a year old. And has given quite a few guests an excellent night’s sleep, as well as being tremendously comfortable for a night in. Or just a bit of reading on a Sunday afternoon. - Deirdre

I cannot recommend Furl highly enough. Their service is exemplary and I am delighted with the quality of the sofa bed I have purchased. It is styling, substantial and easy to fold/unfold, but most importantly, it is supremely comfortable as a bed (and as a sofa of course). Guests regularly report that they have had the best night’s sleep in ages! - Sandy

The Furl sofa bed we bought performs precisely as we had hoped it would: it is comfortable as a sofa, and with the very slim arms we chose it still unfolds into a full-width double bed. It is easy to unfold, and has proven to be as comfortable as a regular bed for my parents (now in their 70s) to use during stays of several weeks with us. - Jeffrey

Your Every Day Sofa Bed

Stunning details, expert tailoring with padded lines and subtle curves.

If you would like to learn more about our very comfortable sofa beds, then please do just give us a call on 0208 4516999 or visit our product page on our website. We also have a London Showroom where you can test out the sofa beds for yourself. As all of our sofa beds are designed and made to order, you decide upon the style, size, fabric or leather, colour and also choose from a variety of other available options to create the perfect sofa bed for you.

One Showroom and Two ShowPods*

Our flagship showroom is in London Swiss Cottage, but for those of you who live too far away, we’ve created ShowPods, compact spaces within our workshops or warehouse where you can see our best-selling products closer to home.

* ShowPod - a perfectly formed, more compact space where you can see our best-selling products closer to home

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