Sofa beds for tight spaces

A beautiful, functional sofa bed is no good to anyone if it doesn’t fit into the space it’s wanted for. And that, believe it or not, happens quite often.

The usual course of events is that the customer sees the sofa bed of their dreams in a showroom, goes home and measures the space it will live in and then goes ahead and buys. The problem comes when it’s delivered as a ready-assembled piece of furniture, access is tight and it simply won’t fit through.

At Furl, we guarantee its sofa beds will go into the rooms they’re intended for. We’ve got them up spiral stair cases, into attic rooms and down narrow steep stairs into cellars. The reason ours fit where others don’t is that we deliver them in sections so each piece is smaller and easier to handle.

Another thing that makes Furl different is that we deliver all our sofa beds ourselves (just a few postcodes are the exception – have a look at the Delivery page for more information) so we’re used to handling them and know instantly the best way to go about things. Once the sofa bed is in, we assemble it too and even take away the packaging.

It’s not only about delivery though is it? For you to want it to be delivered in the first place a sofa bed has be to beautiful, comfortable and practical. And ours are all three.

Furl makes quality sofabeds in three different designs, so there’s a style for everyone. Have a look at Cambio, Metro and London to see them for yourself. Then of course there’s the final finish to make it your own. We have a large range of high-quality fabrics and leathers that will make the sofabed look great and last a long time. To help you choose why not order free samples from our Fabric Options page?

Comfort is vitally important in a piece of furniture that’s been designed for sitting or sleeping on. As far as we’re concerned it’s not something to compromise on. Therefore we’ve made sure our sofabeds are comfortable as a bed and a sofa. The bed section even has a proper, thick mattress which can be either traditional sprung or memory foam  (have a look at the Mattresses page) — the choice is yours.

So, beautiful sofa beds will go into tight spaces if they’re from Furl. If you think access is restricted please Contact Us before ordering to talk thing through. That way if it really won’t go in we can give you a option of a full refund.

To find out more, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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