Small sofa beds big on feature

A small sofa bed is the ideal choice for those with limited room who require additional sleeping space. But for far too long, small sofa beds have been big on practicality, but severely lacking in terms of style and comfort. In other words, they provided acceptable solutions for those with serious space considerations, but they fell seriously short as both beds and as sofas.

That’s where we come in. We wanted to create the perfect small sofa bed, one that you would happily sleep on overnight, and one that your guests would never, ever complain about. On top of that, we wanted to create a small sofa bed that, when in its sofa form, was every bit as stylish and comfortable as a regular sofa,

Through tailoring every sofa bed we make to our customers’ specific requirements, we really have succeeded in creating the perfect small sofa bed. And if you read some of our customer testimonials, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Our small sofa beds are available in a range of sizes, from single seat chair beds to mid-sized 3 seaters, though most of those who are looking for a small sofa bed opt for our compact 2.5 seaters. We offer a choice of seven styles - Metro, London, Cambio, Play, Retro, Duette, and Classic. Every style contains the same opening mechanism, so every style is equally as practical and convenient.

Despite their size, our small sofa beds contain mattresses that range from 80-140cm. And these aren’t the padded cushions you find in many sofa beds. They are proper mattresses with a depth and quality more commonly associated with full size beds. As an optional extra, you can even fit your small sofa bed with supremely comfortable memory foam.

In terms of extras, we have feather filled cushions, innovative storage solutions, a choice of feet, and even matching arm chairs, should you to make your small sofa bed part of a stylish suite.

For more information on our small sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

Featured Model - Metro 5 Seater in Grapefruit Pink

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