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Small Sofa Beds big on features

High Quality, handmade sofa beds designed for everyday use.
Featured Model - Classic 3 Seater

If you need a sofa bed, it’s most probably because you are lacking space, and so you probably need a small size sofa bed.

Most very small sofa beds however are lacking style and comfort. At Furl we believe that practicality doesn’t have to be ugly. We wanted people to be able to have the best small sofa bed, that wasn’t just comfortable to sit on, but would also offer your guests a proper bed to sleep on too. A bed that guests would never complain about. So that’s exactly what we created.

All of our sofas can come with a variety of different arm options. So if you find a sofa you love, but with the standard arm it’s a little too large, then simply change the arm to an ultra slim one. The arm width getting smaller does not increase the size of the mattress, but we have five different mattress sizes so that you can right the right small sofa bed for your small room.

No Arms, No problem

All our sofa bed designs have no arms as an option. If you only have space for a small sofa beds we can help

Even a small sofa bed can have a decent bed size

The mattress sizes available start from a single bed in an armchair, a small double, double and kingsize in- between, the largest is then a super king size in a 5-seater sofa. A small sofa bed can still be tailor made to you. So you choose whether you would like to have it upholstered in fabric or leather. As our small sofa beds are all made to order, you don’t have to compromise on the way it looks.

With 10 different sofa bed designs to choose from, you can find a sofa style that suits your room perfectly. All of our sofa bed small size designs are available in each of the 5 different sizes and all can come with ultra slim arms or no arms at all. Every style has the same opening mechanism that doesn’t use the sofa cushions as the bed. Having Ultra Slim arms or No arms doesn’t interfere with the bed, so a slim sofa bed can still be extremely comfortable.

We wanted to create the perfect sofa bed for small spaces that either you or your guests would happily sleep on overnight. On top of that, we wanted to create a small sleeper sofa bed that, when in its sofa form, is every bit as stylish and comfortable as a regular sofa. And we have achieved just that. We specialise in sofa beds for small bedrooms, and most of our customers have small spaces. If you’d like to hear what they think about our small sofa beds, then click here.

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