Introducing the London Sofa Bed

Finding a decent sofabed isn’t easy. Especially if you want it to be comfortable too. Even a trip to London and trawling around some of the most famous furniture shops won’t necessarily be enough. Well, the Furl has always specialised in making beautiful, comfortable sofa beds and now we’re bringing London to you. The London sofa bed that is.

The London is the latest addition to our range of great sofabeds. It been a whole year in development (we like our sofabeds to be perfect so will take as long as we need to get everything just so) but has finally taken its place alongside the Cambio and Metro. Have a look at the London page of our website – or the whole sofabed range is on the Sofa Beds page.

The London has an air of quality from the moment you see it. Its modern styling and lovely proportions make it ideal for an apartment in the city or the sitting room of a country cottage. In fact one thing about the London is that it looks bigger than it is, so giving an impression of space. But it’s not only about the impression of space, the sofabed has to be right for the space, which is why we make the London in 5 sizes.

The London is a fabulous and comfortable sofa, with a lovely seat depth and supportive back. In fact sitting on it and looking at it would be easy to forget that it’s a sofabed too. But it is of course and the strong mechanism simply opens out to reveal a fantastically comfortable bed. Because we’ve designed our sofabeds for everyday use we also give you a choice of three mattresses; Coil Sprung, Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam. Each one is a proper, thick mattresses just the same as you would find on a bed.

Our Cambio sofa bed has shown us that there’s a need for sofabeds with storage. Not to be left out in the storage stakes the London has storage arms. Each one lifts up to reveal enough space to store your pillows and perhaps a light duvet when your sofa’s a bed and possibly even your clothes when your bed’s a sofa.

Like many in London itself this is a sofabed that likes to dress to impress. It’s available in beautiful leathers and fabrics. The full range can be seen on the Fabric page, which is also the place to order your free sample swatches.

As always though there’s only one way to really get to know the London, and that’s to see and feel it for yourself. Furl is based just outside Nottingham – 15 minutes from the M1 – and we welcome visitors to the workshop. All you have to do is Contact Us to make an appointment. When else would you be able to say that London awaits?

To find out more, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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