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Store More in Your Lounge With Space Saving Storage Sofas

Whether you live in a house, apartment, or flat, the living room or lounge is the centre of most peoples living space. The living room is where life happens. You want your lounge to be functional and most of all look nice, to feel homely. At the same time, you need storage, and that’s where a space-saving storage sofa could come in very handy.

Most sofas aren’t designed for storage. In fact, underneath cushions and within arms is a lot of wasted space. Building on the same design frameworks and principles of our sofa beds we’ve created storage sofas that are as comfortable and stylish as they are practical.

Let’s take a closer look at storage sofas and why every lounge needs one to maxamise storage, comfort, and style.

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What is a storage sofa? 

Furl storage sofas are ideal for customers that want a comfortable sofa and more storage. Combining the practical storage of our storage and ottoman beds with the comfort and elegance of our sofa beds.

In keeping with our multi-functional and practical space-saving approach, every sofa with storage offers a huge amount of storage under the seat, and you can even create more storage space with storage arms or arms that come with shelving.

It’s amazing what you can fit in a Furl storage sofa: toys, luggage, shoes, and more! Come and take a look for yourself at our  three London showrooms to test out our range of storage sofas in action. Some customers even bring along a suitcase to check if they fit. Spoiler: they always do!

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Why you need a storage sofa?

People need sofas with storage because a living room is the heart of any home, and can so easily become a cluttered space where day-to-day life happens. It can be hard to switch off in the evening when you’re surrounded by toys, but with extra storage, you can quickly clear away everything on the floor to create a tidy, relaxing environment.

In a living room, a storage sofa can store anything from toys to a full suitcase underneath, and like the Furl sofa beds ⏤ one that’s perfect as a a sofa and a bed for everyday use at night ⏤ then you can also gain storage space in the arms. A living room sofa with storage hidden in the arms and under the seat cushions is an ideal solution and a perfect long-term investment in comfort, style, and practical storage.

Another storage solution for the lounge is an ottoman (or blanket box) doubles up as a footstool for the sofa – and with a hard tray on top, it can also be used as a coffee table. Inside the footstool there is storage to put your cushions, blankets, and toys that can be hidden away out of sight for a clean and tidy living room.

This is the perfect way to add storage to your living room without taking up floor space or changing the layout out of the room. It’s subtle and stylish, and no one will ever know it’s there.

The arms lift up, and provide enough space for four pillows in one and a duvet in the other. But you don’t just have to use it to store bedding for your sofa bed – you could also use the space for clearing away the kids’ toys when they have finished playing.

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Comfortable, custom-made storage sofas 

Who doesn’t love putting their feet up on the sofa at the end of a long day? Who’d also love more space to store stuff? Everyone has a sofa, and everyone needs storage; combine the two with a Furl sofas with storage!

Get the best of both, and maxamise your comfort and storage with an elegant, custom-made sofa with storage designed to fit in whatever space you’ve got available.

With our sofas, you’ll get more storage space than you’ll find in any sofa with storage anywhere! We’ve designed storage under the seat and even in the arms (either with openings and storage inside or as shelves in the arms).

Our sofas with storage are easy to lift and open, and come in 5 different sizes, from a single chair to an extra large 5-seater. Pick any style and fabric you want, with 100s of colour, fabric, and finish options.

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See our sofas with storage in action

With everything we make, seeing is believing. You’ll be amazed how much you can fit in our storage sofas! Giving you valuable additional space in your living room whilst giving you a custom-made seat that’s so comfortable you’ll forget it’s got storage underneath.

We can even design your sofa to have storage in the arms, either as shelves or as additional space to store things.

Visit our three London showrooms to test out our range of sofas with storage in action. You can even bring a suitcase to make sure it will fit (they always do!)

The Furl Difference 

  • More space than you’ll find in any storage sofa anywhere!
  • Storage under the seat and even in the arms
  • Easy to lift and open
  • 5 different sizes, from a single chair to an extra large 5-seater
  • 100s of Colour, Fabric, and Finish Options
  • Rated 4.95 out of 5 by 1500+ customers
  • Delivered and assembled by our team
  • We always make sure they fit and our delivery team take special care to ensure your storage sofa gets into your home
  • Quicker delivery than other brands, including In Stock storage sofas