Storage Beds that Lift Up
Our storage beds lift the mattress up to reveal huge storage within the bed frame.
Our beds are made in solid wood, leather and fabric options.
Lift Up for Massive Storage
We make our beds in 5 different depths, choose Plus for 30cm of storage.
Designer Lift Up Beds
Stunning designs make beautiful tidy bedrooms.
Liftup Sleigh Beds
Solid wood Sleigh Beds are custom made to order in Oak or Walnut.
Bespoke Lift Up Beds
We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Liftup Storage Beds

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Our end opening mechanism is not only easy to lift but also opens really high, so that you have easy access to the storage at the back of the bed. There are two pistons on either side of the bed that assists you with the lifting and the closing so it really is that easy to open. They are bolted on too, so if you ever need to change them you can do. Although don’t worry, as our lift up beds come with a 5 year guarantee too.

As the mechanisms are made of steel, and the base is supported by four steel corners there is no weight limit to what you can put into the bed. There are also no divides, as the mechanism is strong enough to support itself. That means that you can put anything anywhere within the bed, as there aren’t any divide lines that restrict you.

Our lift up storage bed is also handmade to order in Nottingham. So you decide exactly how you would like them to be finished. We make them in every size from Single up to Emperor. That’s 90cm wide up to a whopping 200cm wide. One of our most popular sizes is our double bed with lift up storage at 135cm wide. They can be finished in fabric, leather or wood, with or without a mattress and with or without a headboard. If you do want to add on a headboard, any headboard within our range fits on to any of the 6 bed bases within our range. So you really can design the bed exactly as you would like it.

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Why is it that so many storage beds have drawers?

Drawers are impractical - you have to move all sorts out of the way to actually open them and don’t maximise the space underneath the bed either. That is why Ottoman storage beds, otherwise known as a lift up bed with storage underneath are so much more practical. Not only are they much easier to open, they also help to maximise the storage underneath the bed too.

Some lift up mattress storage beds are actually quite tricky to open, and that’s exactly what we wanted to change here at Furl. We believe that you should be able to access a storage bed on a regular basis. The mechanism should be swift and easy to open and close. So that is exactly what we created - an easy to lift storage bed. Not sure you believe us? Then why not see what our customers have to say about them here. If that still isn’t enough to convince you, come and see them in action for yourself at our London Showroom.

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