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We get really excited about our new products, often they have been in the making for months and sometimes years! Here we show you our latest creations, products that have evolved into better versions of themselves or brand-new ideas we’ve been playing with.

Very often new ideas come from you; it could be an innocent ‘could you make’ conversation on the phone or at the showroom that gets us thinking. We believe everything is possible – please keep the ideas coming!

Open your bed at the touch of a button

Ottoman beds represent one of the best uses of space in your bedroom, but for some, the effort of lifting them can be a problem, especially if you have a heavy mattress. Whilst there are no safety issues with a heavy mattress, the heavier the mattress, the harder they are to lift. That’s why we developed an Electric Ottoman Bed, designed to give you all the storage without the effort.

Electric Storage Beds

A sofa bed that’s fully automatic, even the cushions

An electric sofa bed that’s really comfortable, with mattress options that are so good you can sleep on them every night. Available in three designs, as a 3 seater sofa/ double bed and as a 4 seater sofa/ King size bed. Remote controlled, with a mechanism robust enough to be used every day. With a 5-year guarantee.

Electric Sofa Beds

Cleverly hidden storage

Storage has become one of the most important needs of our everyday lives; it’s something we all need and never seem to have enough of... We are constantly working to improve the storage possibilities of our sofa beds. We don’t believe in wasting space, so we’ve come up with a few clever ways of adding storage to your sofa bed. You can add optional storage arms, with enough space for spare pillows and duvets, for magazines and books or even a bar. We’ve really thought of everything!

Storage arms

Side by Side sofa bed

Side-by-Side is a new concept in sofa beds, two generous, comfortable sofas with a quality sofa bed under each seat, maintaining our ‘sofa bed for everyday use ‘design principles, the beds on our side-by-side sofa bed are no different, offering a range of thick mattresses you’ll love to use every day. Separating your beds is a clever storage compartment, which can be used to store bedding, and cushions (or our preferred option a minibar).

Side by Side sofa bed

Goliath Extending Table

Compact console table to dining table, from 43cm to 293cm in 10 seconds. Goliath is a full width dining table that delivers exceptional dining options for up to 12 guests.

Goliath Extending Table

Little Home Office

Our ‘Little Home Office’ has a footprint of just 0.09 m² (that’s about the width of your hand!) and can turn any room in your house into a stylish and functional home office.

Little Home Office

Big Comfy

Extra deep seat with soft pillowy cushions. So soft you’ll want to dive into and relax after a hard day at work. As the name suggests, it’s BIG, the biggest, deepest, softest… it’s the most laid-back sofa bed we’ve ever made – immerse yourself in soft pillowy loveliness, grab a book and a cup of cocoa, put on your favourite music and relax; think of it as a warm bubble bath of a sofa that you’ll never want to get out of!

Big Comfy

Storage Beds, now in real wood finishes

We’re delighted to re-launch our range of wood beds. All new for for 2023, with a bigger range, more models and a smaller footprint, with some design improvements we know you’ll love. Our wood ottoman beds are now available in all sizes, 5 wood options incluing the ever popular Oak and Walnut, and new painted black and white options.

View Wood Beds

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