Extra Large Sofa Beds

The bigger the bed, the better you sleep, that’s a fact. So, if you have the space, you really should get the biggest bed you can, and that includes a sofa bed. Not only do you get a huge sofa that will comfortably seat 5, but you also get an extra-large mattress that measures 180 x 200, that’s a UK Super King size.


Stretch out and relax in a Extra Large Bed and a huge comfy sofa

If you have the space, or if this is going to be your main bed, then an extra large sofa bed with a super king mattress is a luxury you really should have. Designed for an exceptional sleep experience, our beds are as good as a regular bed.

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Would you like a sofa bed with a Super King size mattress?

We specialise in Extra Large Sofa Beds. Huge sofa and a massive 180 x 200 comfortable bed. We make all our sofa bed models in Extra Large 5-seater size. Not only is it an extra large sofa, but also has an extra large bed.

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Our full range of Extra Large Sofa Beds

It can be hard to find sofa beds that have mattresses in real bed sizes, they are often too narrow and always too short. So, if you’re looking for a sofa bed that got a mattress that you need to sleep on regularly, you need a size that fits you, your guests and your family.

With that in mind, and being rather obsessed with sleep, we developed a range of sofa beds that you can sleep on comfortably every night should you wish.

Comfortably every night is not just about the lovely mattresses we make (although it helps), it’s about size. Size to be comfortable enough that you’re not squished together, rather like a regular bed you each have your own space.

So, how do we do this? Simple, we supersize all our sofa models into an extra-large sofa, which gives you massive seating capacity for five, but best of all super king-size bed, with a mattress size of 180 x 200 or a 6’ x 6,6. Now that’s what we call a luxury sofa bed that we know you’ll love and your guest will find hard to leave! (sorry about that)

Did we say it was comfortable? The sofa is huge, the bed is extra-large, but what about the mattress and the sleep experience? Well, as the only company making an extra-large sofa bed, we’re not about disappoint you with poor quality when it comes to the sleep experience – We’ve developed a range of mattresses, that work perfectly in our sofa beds and that give you a ‘real bed’ feel on a bed that seconds before was a sofa!

Like regular beds where you get a choice of mattresses, we offer you the same, choose from Coil, Pocket Sprung, Pocket with a layer of Memory Foam, Reflex Foam and Memory Foam. All of which are between 12cm and 18cm thick depending on the model of sofa you love.

The way our mechanisms open also means that they open to the height of a normal bed. This makes them very easy to get in and out of and ensures that they feel like a proper bed too.

Can an extra-large sofa bed be space-saving too? Yes, we’re space conscious with all our designs, we’re also obsessed with space and how our furniture looks in your home, so we make them as small as we can… for instance, the overall open length of the sofa bed is between 208cm and 214cm, that’s pretty impressive when you consider the mattress is 200cm long! There’s lot of clever ways we can reduce the width of the sofa too, every model comes with a range of arms that change the total width of the sofa if you need to .

And finally, lets talk about access. You’d expect an extra large sofa to be hard to get into your home, we’ve thought about that too, we deliver it in sections and build it for you in your room of choice, access is very rarely a problem.

We’ve got a great team of sofa bed experts at our showrooms in London where you can see, sit and try the sofa beds for yourself, we love talking so if you can’t make it into one of our showrooms, call us we’re here to help.