Extra Large Sofa Beds

Extra large sofa beds are great as your everyday sofa.

If you have the space then why compromise? An extra large sofa bed clearly offers you a large sofa by day and then an enormous bed for the night. In fact the bed on one of our extra large sofa beds opens out to measure 180cm x 200cm, which is the equivalent of a super-king-sized bed.

Have you looked at extra large sofa beds on the high street? We have and they have a number of things in common. Firstly they’re uncomfortable (but that applies to most sofa beds of all sizes) and secondly they have a certain fragility to them. Ours couldn’t be more different.

When we had the idea of selling sofa beds, many moons ago now, one thing was incredibly important to us. And that was that our sofa beds were comfortable. We wanted them to feel great to sit on and then as great as any normal bed to sleep on. And so it was that we spent hours and hours developing ours so they were up to our standards and expectations. The result is a range of sofas – Classic, Metro, Cambio and London – that feel and look fantastic.

One of the things that makes our sofa beds comfortable is the mechanism. It provides a strong and supportive base for the mattress – all ours are proper mattresses not floppy pieces of foam – which makes them feel like a normal bed. That’s not all though….

The mechanism (the details are on the Mechanims tab on the sofa beds pages) is also at the heart of the sofa and determines its strength and integrity. Ours are extremely strong so there is no flex or loss of strength on an extra large sofa bed. They open and close easily too, which is something important to consider when you’re looking at a large piece of furniture. Struggling with something small is one thing, but with something as large as big sofa bed, it’s a quite different matter.

An extra large sofa bed from Furl would make an ideal everyday sofa. Not only are they comfortable and easy to open and close, they’re hard wearing too (each one comes with a five year guarantee).

If you are wanting your sofa bed as your main couch, then the colour and fabric choice will be important. We have a large range – have a look at our Fabrics page to see them all for yourself. There will be something to tone in with your existing furniture or decor, but if you have your heart set on something in particular we can help with that too through our Bespoke service. Simply Contact Us for more details.

For more information on our sofa beds, feel free to give us a call on 0208 451 6999.

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