Furl sofa bed, DUETTE

Give guests somewhere comfortable to sleep with day-to-night sofa beds

Some people have guests or family members staying fairly often, or for long periods of time, such as if you’ve just had a baby, you need a a sofa bed that can be used as a bed every night, so that guests get a great night’s sleep and can’t tell they’re on a sofa bed.

Sofa beds need to be comfortable as a sofa and a bed, practical (easy to setup as a bed), and look beautiful in every room.

Furl sofa bed, DUETTE
Furl sofa bed, DUETTE

Why sofa beds are so useful?

Everyone has a sofa.

Everyone needs a bed.

Why not combine the best of both?

The question is, where should it go? In some cases, you’ll need this in your living room or lounge so that on the odd occasion someone needs to sleep over they’ve got a comfortable bed that most of the time is your main sofa.

Or you have space for a sofa that doubles as a bed in a spare room, such as an office, study, dining room, or second living room. If there isn’t a space for a bed then there’s almost always going to be room for a sofa. That’s where a sofa bed comes in handy.

When you’re about to welcome friends or family into your spare room, understanding how to organise storage for your guests can help create a ‘home away from home’ ambiance.

Maybe you’re making plans for the family to stay over for a special occasion, or you’ve always got family or friends who come and stay for Christmas, Easter, part of the Summer Holidays, or another special occasion.

Or an old friend is in town, and it’s been ages since you’ve caught up! You don’t want them to have to stay in a hotel, so you offer them your guest room. For new parents, it can be a huge help when parents or in-laws come to stay.

Either way, having a sofa that transforms in seconds into the most comfortable sofa bed possible ⏤ especially if it doesn’t feel like a sofa bed and is a lot better as a sofa and bed ⏤ is the ideal solution.

Furl sofa bed for the best night's sleep
Furl sofa bed for the best night’s sleep

Why Furl is the best choice for sofas and beds?

Take a look at how Furl compares to other sofa beds on the market.

As House & Garden journalist, Jessica Salter said in a sofa beds comparison article: “The best option, if you [or a guest] will be sleeping on it for any length of time, is a fold-out sofa bed, where a bed frame is folded inside the structure of the sofa. Here, it is all about trying to marry a good mattress with a handsome sofa, and money will make a difference.”

“Make sure to consider the amount of overnight guests you most frequently have to stay. This will help you decide how large the sofa bed should be. A 2 seater, or loveseat, typically sleeps 2, a 3 seater sofa bed will sleep 3 (albeit 3 little ones)!”

“On the other end, you have the investment pieces, which often make the very best sofa beds. These are designed to be as comfortable as a normal bed but look as stylish as a sofa, with rich upholstery- so much so that the difference would be imperceptible.”

Big Comfy Sofa Bed
Furl Big Comfy Sofa Bed

7 reasons to invest in Furl Sofa Beds 

  1. Best sleep experience. Furl’s sofa beds are designed for everyday use. That means you can use it every day as a sofa and every night as a bed. Furl’s sofa beds are designed to be as comfortable and the same size as a bed, so you won’t know you’re sleeping on a sofa bed.
  2. Real bed sizes. Furl sofa beds are made in 5 widths, and they are always 2m 6’6  long. We are the only company that makes a sofa bed with a full-size UK Super King bed 180 x 200. (and other large sizes). We also do sofa beds in smaller sizes, right down to a single bed and up to the largest you could need.
  3. Real bed height. Sofa beds are typically lower to the ground than a regular bed. Ours are not, they are the same – this makes getting in and out very easy, especially if you are older. No one likes to get on their hands and knees to get in and out of bed, no matter how old you are.
  4. Thickest and most comfortable mattresses. We make the thickest mattresses on a sofa bed. Most sofa bed mattresses are 10cm. Ours are 12, 14, and 18cm, depending on the model. The most popular have an 18cm mattress.
  5. Visually stunning and beautiful. We ensure our sofa beds don’t look like sofa beds: they look like they should, like sofas you’d be happy to place in any room, including your lounge. Our sofa beds come with 100s of fabric options, including fabric of your own choosing (including completely eco-friendly, made out of 100% recycled plastic, and other options that are vegan, rated by The Vegan Society).

    Big comfy sofa bed | Furl
    Big comfy sofa bed
  6. From sofa to bed in seconds. Our mechanisms ensure you can go from sofa to sofa bed in only a few seconds. We place the steel bars where you won’t feel them, and every frame comes with a 5-year warranty (and 2 years for fabric).
  7. We deliver and build. Our sofa beds are delivered in sections and expertly assembled by us. Access to your room is rarely a problem. We go above and beyond with delivery and installation. It’s one of the reasons for our 1300+ 4.9/5 star reviews. We deliver and install sofa beds in your room – removing all the stress from worrying if it’s going to fit or how to build it.

Other reasons to love Furl sofa beds 

We take care of everything, including packaging and even recycling your old furniture.

All of our furniture comes with a no-quibble guarantee, including spare parts and fabric.

Come take a look at our sofa beds in our 3 London showrooms, or if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got sofa beds in stock for quick delivery.