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Sofa Beds Comparison: How Do Furl Sofa Beds Compare?

Sofa beds need to be comfortable as a sofa and a bed, practical (easy to setup as a bed), and look beautiful in every room. With so much choice, we’re bringing you this sofa bed comparison guide to see how Furl sofa beds compare with others on the market.

Ideally, you want a sofa bed that can be used as a bed every night, so that guests get a great night’s sleep and can’t tell they’re on a sofa bed. And for those with limited space, this could be your main bed, so a sofa bed for everyday use is even more important.

Let’s see how Furl sofa beds compare to other sofa beds on the market and why it’s worth investing in one of our stylish, comfortable sofa beds that give you or your guests the best night’s sleep every night.

Big comfy sofa bed | Furl
Big comfy sofa bed

What to look for in the best sofa beds to invest in? 

As House & Garden journalist, Jessica Salter said in a sofa beds comparison article: “The very best sofa beds are a combination of a few winning factors. A sofa bed with top marks should be comfortable not just as a bed, but as a sofa too, easy on the eye and require only one person to set it up. Anything too heavy for one is a no, and ideally, it should be ‘get-up-able’ in mere moments.”

“Sofa beds fall into three main types, on a cost-to-comfort ratio. The ‘click-clack sofa bed’, A-frame or futon sofa bed is the simplest kind, where the existing sofa backrest simply folds down flat.

As Jessica points out, that type of design “is rarely going to be the most comfortable option, as you are effectively sleeping on the sofa with no seat cushions; but it is cheap, easy, and great for a night or two. Don’t underestimate the amount of comfort adding a mattress topper will bring, it’s a simple, easy hack, but it makes a huge difference.”

“The second type is a daybed or trundle bed, where a single slim sofa – not your comfortable, two-seater, main sofa, but something you’d keep in the spare room or home office – conceals a pull-out or lift-off second mattress. These are space-efficient, often charming, and work well for kids and unfussy sleepers.”

The best option, however, if you will be sleeping on it for any length of time, is a fold-out sofa bed, where a bed frame is folded inside the structure of the sofa. Here, it is all about trying to marry a good mattress with a handsome sofa, and money will make a difference.”

“Make sure to consider the amount of overnight guests you most frequently have to stay. This will help you decide how large the sofa bed should be. A 2 seater, or loveseat, typically sleeps 2, a 3 seater sofa bed will sleep 3 (albeit 3 little ones)!”

“On the other end, you have the investment pieces, which often make the very best sofa beds. These are designed to be as comfortable as a normal bed but look as stylish as a sofa, with rich upholstery- so much so that the difference would be imperceptible. Both are excellent options.”

Big Comfy Sofa Bed

Sofa Beds Comparison

Anyday Sofa Bed, John Lewis
Anyday Sofa Bed, John Lewis

First up is the Anyday Sofa Bed by John Lewis, priced at £499.

In Home & Garden, Jessica says, “This sofa bed is extremely simple to set up, but not the most comfortable.”

It’s got a very simple, basic design, and maybe all someone needs if it’s rarely going to be used. Definitely doesn’t look the most comfortable, and it comes with a thin mattress and the annoyance of being low-down (at a lower height than a normal bed) and will come with that uncomfortable positioning of the frame that means no one will get a good night’s sleep on this sofa bed.

Weymouth Sofa Bed by Darlings of Chelsea
Weymouth Sofa Bed by Darlings of Chelsea

Next is the Weymouth Sofa Bed by Darlings of Chelsea, priced £1649 (normally £2292). 

In the review, Jessica says it has a “12cm thick pocket sprung mattress as standard, which is comfortable enough as it is, but you also have a choice to upgrade to an additional memory foam topper.”

If you want anything custom-made: “Any alterations away from standard can be costly.”

Bailey Double Sofa Bed
Bailey Double Sofa Bed

Third on our list is the Bailey Double Sofa Bed from John Lewis, priced at £1549.

In Home & Garden, Jessica points out several downsides: “The total width of the sofa is 177cm, of which 153cm of that is the seat width, which is snug but the 236cm depth makes it feel comfortable, as does the foam and fibre filling in the cushions. As a bed, the mattress is 136cm wide – which is a standard small double – so it can sleep two people, but for those of us used to larger beds, it does feel a squeeze. The pocket sprung mattress (with springs that are individually sewn into their own fabric pockets) measures 10cm deep and gives a firm and supportive feel.”

“Whilst the ‘Bailey’ range has a few sizes overall, there is only one size of sofa bed on offer. Furthermore, thanks to the cushions, there’s slightly more fuss and faff when setting up this sofa bed than with a click clack mechanism.”

“It’s hard to overlook the fact that the design and shape of the sofa is quite a boring, boxy shape; I wouldn’t have it in a main living room. But its undeniable bonus is that it is comfortable in both its guises as a sofa and a bed and that it is so customisable.”

Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed
Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed

Fourth on this list is the Swyft Model 04 Large 3 Seater Double Sofa Bed, £2,295 from John Lewis

In Home & Garden, Jessica points out several downsides: “Our main drawback is that this does come in several pieces, meaning you need to assemble it at home. This may not be a problem for some but it’s not the white glove service you might get with another one of its price point peers. A minor concern is that this sofa is rather narrow, which makes it a little less comfortable than others when used as a sofa.” 

After assembling it yourself, when needing to use it as a bed there is some setup involved: “Pulling out the bed is easy, there are just a few more steps than with a click-clack. First, lift the seat cushion to unfurl the concealed legs, lower the seat cushion (which slides out along runners), pull out the mattress topper from inside the base and flap down the back of the sofa.”

“Then you fit the mattress and the topper on, which has elasticated straps to hook onto the four corners of the bed, and dress it. The Swyft team have timed themselves and, with practice, say it should take 30 seconds.”

Now, let’s see how the above and similar sofa beds compare to Furl sofa beds and why ours are probably the best sofa beds you can find anywhere!

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Why Invest in Furl’s sofa beds? 

Best sleep experience on a sofa bed 

Furl’s sofa beds are designed to be as comfortable and the same size as a bed, so you won’t know you’re sleeping on a sofa bed. A sofa bed so comfortable it’s crafted for every day, or night’s, use. Furl sofa beds are a proper bed, without the annoying metal bars you expect on a sofa bed.

Furl sofa beds are made in 5 widths, and they are always 2m 6’6  long. We are the only company that makes a sofa bed with a full-size UK Super King bed 180 x 200. (and other large sizes). We also do sofa beds in smaller sizes, right down to a single bed and up to the largest you could need.

Furl sofa bed
Furl sofa bed

Real bed height, no getting on your knees to get in and out of bed 

Sofa beds are typically lower to the ground than a regular bed. Ours are not, they are the same – this makes getting in and out very easy, especially if you are older. No one likes to get on their hands and knees to get in and out of bed, no matter how old you are.

Most comfortable and thickest mattresses for a better night’s sleep 

We make the thickest mattresses on a sofa bed. Most sofa bed mattresses are 10cm. Ours are 12, 14, and 18cm, depending on the model. The most popular have an 18cm mattress.

Furl sofa bed mattress
Furl sofa bed mattress

Visually stylish and stunning with 100s of fabric options 

Furl sofa beds come with 100s of fabric options, including fabric of your own choosing (including completely eco-friendly, made out of 100% recycled plastic, and other options that are vegan, rated by The Vegan Society)

Range of models, sizes, and arm designs (including ones with storage)

Furl sofa beds come in a range 12 models, 5 sizes, and 5 arm designs, including arms with storage for the bedding inside. Our sofa bed mechanisms are easy to open and close, and the cushions stay in place, so you don’t have to find somewhere in the room to store them.

Our mechanisms ensure you can go from sofa to sofa bed in only a few seconds. We place the steel bars where you won’t feel them, and every frame comes with a 5-year warranty (and 2 years for fabric).

Furl sofa bed mechanism
Furl sofa bed mechanism

White-glove delivery: we install and build for you, take packaging away, and even recycle your old furniture 

Our sofa beds are delivered in sections and expertly assembled by us. Access into your room is rarely a problem. We go above and beyond with delivery and installation. It’s one of the reasons for our 1300+ 4.9/5 star reviews. We deliver and install sofa beds in your room – removing all the stress from worrying if it’s going to fit or how to build it.

We take care of everything, including packaging and even recycling your old furniture.

All of our furniture comes with a no-quibble guarantee, including spare parts and fabric.

Come take a look at our sofa beds in our 3 London showrooms, or if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got sofa beds in stock for quick delivery.