Quality Sofa Bed Mechansims
Quality Sofa Bed Mechansims

It’s all in the action.

Sofa Bed Mechanism

Our sofa bed mechanisms are world-class. They’re specially made for us in Italy by a company called Lampolet, whose dedication to mechanised products has made them the leaders in their field for over 50 years.

Sofa beds have long been regarded as a poor substitute for a bed, and it’s not surprising as most manufacturers seem happy to compromise on comfort. In fact most sofa beds offer comfort levels akin to sleeping on a park bench! The most common complaint about sofa beds is that you can feel the metal parts of the mechanism through the mattress. We investigated why this is and quickly found that on the "average" sofa bed the main steel bar is positioned where your hip bone is! So, it’s not surprising you can feel it.

Ours are different. We keep metal sections away from your middle torso area so that you don’t feel anything but the quality mattress you’re resting on. It’s so simple -- but we’re the only sofa bed people that do it that way.

Another lovely feature of our sofa beds is the height. No one likes crawling into bed on their hands and knees, and as our sofa beds are at normal bed height you won’t have to.

We’re really proud of our sofa bed mechanisms. They’re a work of art and we’re happy to show them off.