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Do More With Less Space: Furl’s Space-Saving Clever Tables

Furl’s space-saving clever tables are the answer many of us have been looking for when it comes to creating space to eat either in the living room, a room that can be used for seating larger parties for dinner, and for working from home (WFH).

With all of our products, we aim to give you more, so you can do more with the space you’ve got available.

Tables have always been multi-purpose and multi-functional.

Horizon clever table
Horizon clever table

The problem is that most apartments and flats in cities don’t have enough space for dining room tables. And yet, what happens if you want to invite people over for dinner?

How do you host special or seasonal events, such as Christmas dinner?

Let’s dive into how Furl solves this and other problems with our space-saving clever tables and compact desks.

Multi-functional clever tables 

A table is “a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface for eating, writing, or working at” – that sounds pretty multifunctional to me.

Often overlooked as a simple everyday object, tables are one of the home’s most practical pieces of furniture. I can’t think of any other furniture that has so many uses by everyone in the home.

We have worked hard to create several different types of multi-functional, easy-to-expand tables that serve several purposes:

  • Coffee tables that turn into dining tables for 2 or more people
  • Side tables/consoles that expand into dining tables
  • Small tables that expand into much larger dining room tables
  • Compact home offices
Furl A4 smart compact console table
Furl A4 smart compact console table

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and how they can fit into any home, apartment or flat, no matter how much space you’ve got.

Smart, compact, expandable coffee tables 

More often than not, people now eat in front of the TV on the sofa instead of around the table. Whether you cook or order in, the busyness of modern life, long working days, feeding the kids, and getting them settled for bed means that the traditional family dinner is more the exception than the rule.

Not only that, but unless you’ve got a breakfast bar or space for a small table in a kitchen, there’s not always space for a dining room table or anything that could substitute for it or be used for an occasional meal around a table.

So, we came up with a solution . . . coffee tables that can quickly convert into tables to eat comfortably at the right height from a sofa, and even ones that can turn into a larger table for dinners (with fold-away chairs as required).

Horizon is an up-and-over coffee table with storage that you can use as a dining dining in front of the sofa. We also have our best-selling Newood clever table (can seat 6 to 8), Multi (can seat 8), and Revo, an all-in-one table that doubles in size.

Newood clever table
Newood clever table

All four convert quickly from coffee tables into dining tables, either in front of the sofa or as standalone tables. We can even design them so they come with built-in storage, too.

Consoles that turn into dining tables 

We don’t expect our customers to have dinner parties every weekend or sit down together to eat every evening, but we do think that having the option of sitting and eating together is something to enjoy and encourage, and having furniture that folds or extends means that you can have a flexible table arrangement when needed.

So, our range of tables caters to just that – we have coffee tables that lift and extend into larger tables and a console that’s just as happy as a small desk as it is seating 12 people. All our clever tables are simple to convert and a joy to use whether you’re entertaining or enjoying a game of Monopoly, all sitting together on cushions on the floor.

We have several products in our clever tables range, including Goliath, which goes from console table to dining table, from 43cm to 293cm in 10 seconds, and seats 12.

Furl Clever Table
Furl Clever Table

Another impressive console table is A4, an Ultra Compact Console Table that extends into a 14-person dining table in 10 seconds. A4 is a unique table that delivers exceptional dining options in a space that’s about the size of an A4 pad of paper. We also have the smallest console table in the world, Minux, that can fold away to being only 20cm deep and yet fold out into an 8-seater dining table.

Small tables that expand for larger parties 

When you’ve got more space to play with and want/need a dining table that’s a permanent fixture, we’ve got a couple of impressive options: Eclipse (a small table that expands to fit up to 8 people), and the Furl Big Round Extending Table. As the name suggests, it’s big, it’s round, and you can extend it to happily seat up to 10 guests.

Furl clever dining table
Furl clever dining table

Compact Home Offices 

Since the pandemic, working from home (WFH) has become more normal. It’s likely to stay that way as businesses everywhere are looking at how to cut costs, and paying for offices is a lot more expensive than staff working remotely.

One problem with this is, how do you find the space for a permanent setup if you’ve not got a spare room that can double as an office?

Our solution to that is a compact, fold-away workspace known as the Little Home Office. Use it as an office (either most or every day), or a study, and fold it away when it’s not in use, compressing it to as little as 0.09 m² (that’s about the width of your hand!).

Furl Little Home Office
Furl Little Home Office

Looking for that perfect smart coffee table, dining table, or home office? 

Come and take a look at our range of clever tables at any of our three London showrooms.

The Furl Clever Table Difference

  • Dozens of wood and finish options
  • Rated 4.95 out of 5 by 1500+ customers
  • Spacious when fully extended: space-saving when folded away
  • Folding chairs to save even more space!
  • Furl has been an innovator in space-saving furniture for over 16 years
  • Delivered and assembled by our team
  • Quicker delivery than other brands, including In Stock Clever Tables