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Modern Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Stunning Headboard Designs

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Wood Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

Bespoke Storage Beds

We specialise in designing and making high quality, beautiful storage beds.

What do you think makes a modern storage bed?

Is it low down to the ground? It is upholstered in leather? Or does it have a really impressive headboard? Well here at Furl, every single storage bed is designed and made to order. So you decide exactly how you would like it to look. Meaning that a modern bed frame with storage can be anything you would like them to be. In fact it could be a low, leather storage bed and have an impressive headboard if that’s what you wanted.

We have 6 different storage bed designs to choose from, each one of them with a slightly different amount of storage. Our most popular contemporary bed designs with storage is Low, which is the lowest down to the ground but isn’t actually the bed with the least amount of storage. It has 24cm of storage space, which is plenty of space to store all of those items that have been getting in your way. Our other storage bed styles are Simplicity with 20cm of storage, Air with a combination of 15cm and 30cm of storage, Plus with 30cm of storage, Illusion with 33cm of storage and Max, our bed with the most amount of storage offering a huge 35cm.

You don’t have to have a huge bedroom to have a modern bed with storage underneath, because we make our storage beds in 8 different sizes. Starting at Single, which is 90cm wide and going up to Emperor, which is 200cm wide, there really is a size to fit any sized bedroom. Each of our beds has the same footprint too, so you can choose them purely on how much storage you need or how they look. Our modern double beds with storage are the most popular size for most bedrooms.

Leather storage beds are often seen as being quite modern, but then a trending fabric would be modern too. Right now pink suede is the most popular colour choice and can be seen all over Instagram. Popular tends to mean modern, but just in case pink isn’t your thing, we have a huge range of other colours and fabrics, including wood.

All of our storage beds are available to see at our London Showroom. If you would like to read what our customers have to say in the meantime then you can do here. Also, if you have any questions about our contemporary bed frames with storage and the options that you have, then please do give us a call on 0208 4516999.

4.88 Average of 1016 Reviews visit site for more verified reviews


It's not often that I leave reviews for items I've purchased but because I feel so passionate about my Storage Bed and the whole experience of purchasing it, I feel it would be a huge injustice not to do so. David was a blessing when it came to helping us in the showroom, completely accepting of my choice of Orange coloured Storage Bed, showing me all the different shades of the colour and types of material that could be used. He showed us the way the different mechanisms worked and the different styles of Storage Bed, choice of headboard could feel he was as passionate about the Beds and the individuality of them as I was, in the way that he informed and then moved away allowing me to make my decision and own design choices. Absolutely marvellous! I must say I had spent a great deal of time looking on the website prior to making an appointment to...

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