Heavy Duty Sofa Beds

We all want our furniture to be strong and long lasting, but the “strong and long lasting” can refer to a number of different things when it comes to sofa beds.

“Heavy duty sofa bed” could conjure up an image of something encased in rubber or made from heavy-duty fabric. In the case of Furl sofa beds that perception couldn’t be more wrong. Our sofa beds are extremely strong and high quality yet they look lovely too. There’s one to suit every taste and room – have a look at our four different models on the sofa beds pages and browse the vast range of fabrics and finishes on the Fabrics page.

With our sofa beds the heavy duty refers to the fact that they’ve been designed and built for everyday use and will last for years and years. The mechanisms are the best money can buy. They open and close easily time and time again. Click on the Mechanisms tab on the sofa bed pages for more information.

For a sofabed to last the fabric needs to be hard wearing of course. The durability of a fabric is determined by the Martindale Rub test. It’s the industry standard (there’s more information on our Fabrics and Leather page). The normal score for fabric that’s going to be used in a home is 30 000. All of ours are at least this, with many scoring much higher. Rosslyn for example has a rub test score of 60 000.

As a mark of our confidence in the strength and durability of our sofabeds they’re all supplied with a full five year guarantee. We expect them to last much longer though of course. To us that’s a sign that something that, while it may not look heavy duty, is indeed hard wearing.

Our sofa beds really are great quality and extremely strong. Don’t just take our word for it though, have a look at what our customers have said on the Testimonials page.

If we can help you at all when you’re choosing your sofa bed, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by phone or through the Contact Us page. We’re always here.

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