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Our Sofa Beds are realy comfy

Our Sofa Beds are realy comfy All our sofa beds have bed designed as comfy beds and sofas, comforatabe as a sofa and amazingly comfy as a bed, come and try them at our london showroom

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A comfy sofa bed you’ll enjoy using day and night.

When we started designing a super comfy sofa bed, we established that the bed needed to be as comfortable to sleep on as an real bed. So rather than using a really skinny mattress like most other sofa beds, our mattresses are up to 18cm deep making them immediately more comfortable. There is no best mattress and they are not a one-size-fits-all item, so we offer a choice of different mattress types – so that you can find the best one for you. They include Coil, Pocket Sprung, Reflex Foam and even Memory Foam.

Our really comfy sofa beds open so that the mattress is actually at the same height as a regular bed. This makes it really easy to get in and out of them, but also makes you feel like you are sleeping on an actual bed. We also have 5 different sizes, so you can choose the mattress size that best suits your needs. They start at a single bed up to a super king size bed. Our most popular size is our comfy 3-seater sofa beds, which offers a mattress that is actually larger than a British Double at 140cm wide. All of our mattresses are 200cm long (6’6) no matter what width you choose.

Now that we know the bed part of the sofa bed is comfy, we then needed to make sure that the sofa was just as comfy too. This is why we have designed 10 different sofa bed styles, leaving you to decide which one is the most comfy sofa bed for you.

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Do you need a very comfy sofa bed that is actually comfy?

Well if the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. But did you want a comfy sofa? Or a comfy bed? How about having a comfy sofa and bed? At Furl, that is exactly what we have created – comfy sofa beds. They really do exist.

Sofa beds have a reputation for only being used a very last resort. They are opened only in an emergency as they are usually known for lacking in comfort as both a bed and a sofa. And it’s this reputation that we wanted to chance. Why couldn’t sofa beds be comfy? Most sofa beds are uncomfortable because their mattresses are really slim, and their mechanisms aren’t very strong. So this is exactly what we changed, and this is exactly how we created a sofa bed that’s comfy to sleep on.

At last, a comfy couch bed that is actually comfy. So if you have heard all of this before, and you still aren’t sure if they really exist, then why not read what our customers have to say about them. Even better still, come and test them out for yourself at a London Showroom. They really are the comfiest sofa bed around.

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