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Continental King Size Ottoman Bed

As we hand-make our Continental King Size Ottoman Bed in the UK, there is a huge choice of high-quality materials to choose from.

Furl’s continental king size ottoman bed is a king size storage bed that can come in a wide-range of fabrics (100s to choose from), leathers, or woods. If you can’t find a fabric or leather from our range that you love, then you can also supply your own. So the options are almost limitless.

Because all of our storage beds are made in the UK, you can design your own bespoke continental king size bed, choosing from a variety of different options. Including whether or not you would like to add a headboard or a mattress.

Best storage beds
Best storage beds

As headboards are optional items, any design can be added or left off any continental king size bed. So if you would like to add one, you can choose any of our headboard designs to be added to any of the bed base designs.

Each of our bed bases has a varying amount of storage. Our bed with the least amount offers 20cm of storage. Our most popular bed Max, has 35cm of storage but is only 28cm high. A great option if you are looking to store large items like full-size suitcases.

Don’t worry about fitting our Continental King Size Ottoman Beds through your door. If you choose our Home Installation service, we will deliver your bed in complete pieces and then assemble it within your bedroom for you. We do all of the hard work for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the comfort and convenience of your New Continental King Size Ottoman Bed.

Continental King Size Ottoman Bed: practical, stylish and luxurious.

We use the most high-quality ottoman bed mechanisms that are so easy to use that they can be lifted every single day, and they lift up really high so you have easy access to the storage underneath the bed. We actually make two king-size storage beds ⏤ a Continental King-size bed and a British King Size Bed.

Our Continental King Size Storage Bed has a mattress size of 160cm wide x 200cm long. British King has a mattress size of 150cm wide x 200cm long. And we make both!

If you are after a Continental King Size Storage Bed but aren’t sure if you can fit one into your space, then a Furl storage bed is the best one for you. We keep our bed frames really slim so that they aren’t actually that much wider than the mattress. Just 2cm wider on either side, continental king size storage beds have a frame that is 164cm wide x 204cm long.

Continental king size ottoman storage bed
Continental king size ottoman storage bed

Looking for a quality Continental King Size Ottoman Bed?

Furl storage beds that are continental king size are better than other storage or ottoman beds for the following reasons:

  • Maximum Storage with the Smallest Footprint (up to 40cm with our largest storage beds)
  • We make all UK, US, and European Sizes (Single to Emperor)
  • Easy-to-lift: Side or End Opening mechanisms
  • Electric Opening Mechanisms available
  •  100s of Colour and Finish Options
  • Beds sold “naked,” so you can pick colours later
  • Get the best night’s sleep possible every night on a Furl storage bed.

Come and see Furl’s continental king size storage beds at any of our 3 London showrooms, and check out our range of storage beds online.

Need a continental king size storage bed in a hurry? Take a look at what we’ve got in-stock for quicker delivery.

Every Furl continental king size storage bed comes with a no-quibble refund guarantee, and a 5-year warranty (2 years for fabrics) and we will always send out any spare parts you need if anything needs replacing.