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Are Furl Sofa Beds for Everyday Use? Yes, they are: Furl Sofa Bed for Everday Use

Are Furl sofa beds for everyday use? We get asked this a lot and the simple answer is yes ⏤ so long as you choose the right one.

Sofa Beds come in all shapes and sizes, as you can see in this sofa bed comparison article.

Some sofa beds on the market are designed as a sofa and have a mechanism inserted into the wooden frame. These aren’t as robust or comfortable, and are usually on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Typically, these sofa beds are the types where you have to remove the cushions, so not only are you going to have a bad night’s sleep but there’s cushions you’ve got to find a home for, too.

Other sofa beds are designed around a metal frame where the bed is the primary structure and the sofa is build around it. It’s these that are designed with your sleep comfort in mind as only they can offer the sturdy platform for the bed and all the features that make a sofa that’s good enough for use as your main bed everyday (or the pleasure of giving your guests the best night ever, on a sofa bed).

Big Comfy Sofa Bed
Furl Big Comfy Sofa Bed

We’ve listed below what we consider the essential qualities to look for when buying sofa beds for everyday use.

How to spot the perfect sofa beds for everyday use?

In our sofa bed comparison article, we identified four ways you can spot the perfect sofa bed for everyday use.

A High Quality Mechanism

Probably the most important aspect of your sofa bed purchase, the mechanism needs to live up to your daily routine as well as offer great support for the mattress and a solid base for the sofa.

Our sofa bed mechanisms are regarded as the best you can get. Our mechanisms unique features include a bed that’s always 2m long regardless of size. That means, you’ve got a sofa bed that’s normal bed height and the cushions always stay on, so you don’t need to find somewhere to store them.

Furl sofa bed mechanism
Furl sofa bed mechanism

Our sofa bed mechanisms are easy to open and close (including remote control/electric options), and the cushions stay in place, so you don’t have to put them in a heap elsewhere in the room.

Our sofa beds for everyday use come in a range of 12 models, 5 sizes, and 5 arm designs, including arms with storage for bedding or anything else you need to store.

Thick Quality Mattresses

Never underestimate the importance of having a high quality mattress. We offer four types ranging from traditional pocket sprung to memory foam. At Furl, we make the thickest mattresses on a sofa bed. Most sofa bed mattresses are only 10cm thick, and in most cases, the poor position of the mechanism means people get an awful night’s sleep on a sofa bed.

Not with Furl. Our mattresses are 12, 14, and 18cm thick, depending on the model. The most popular have an 18cm mattress, giving you a sofa bed suitable for everyday use.

If you want to sleep on your sofa bed every night there is no substitute for investing in a decent mattress.

Furl sofa bed mattress
Furl sofa bed mattress

Range of sizes: Single to Super King Sizes

Our sofa beds come in 5 bed sizes from a Chair with a single size mattress to Extra Large, which has a Super King size mattress. Naturally, we sell double and king size sofa beds in between.

Furl sofa beds are made in 5 widths, and they are always 2m 6’6  long. We are the only company that makes a sofa bed with a full-size UK Super King bed 180 x 200 (and other large sizes).

When it comes to bed sizes, our sofa beds make you feel like you’re in a real full size bed. We know our sofa beds are used regularly by many of our customers so we make them in sizes that make them ideal for everyday use.

Corner Sofa Beds
Furl Corner Sofa Beds

Let’s not forget about the Sofa

We make our sofa beds to look and feel like high quality sofas, everyone is different and has different elements of comfort. For example, some people prefer higher backs, deeper seats, and arm designs.

All of them are designed not to look like a traditional sofa bed. Because all our sofa beds use the same mechanism your sleep comfort is guaranteed across the range, the choice for you is to find a design you love and a fabric you’ll enjoy.

We’ve got 100s of fabrics to choose from: order a free sample, or if you’ve got a particular fabric in mind contact us and we can advise how much is needed for the size of the sofa bed, and it can be custom-made with that fabric in our Nottinghamshire workshops.

Big comfy sofa bed | Furl
Big comfy sofa bed

Searching for the perfect sofa bed for everyday use? 

Look no further than a Furl sofa bed.

Take a look at our sofa beds for everyday use in our 3 London showrooms, or if you’re in a hurry, we’ve got sofa beds in stock for quick delivery.

We go above and beyond with delivery and installation. It’s one of the reasons for our 1300+ 4.9/5 star reviews. We deliver and install sofa beds in your room – removing all the stress, including whether it’s going to fit or how to put it together.

Our white-glove team takes care of everything, including packaging and even recycling your old furniture.

All of our sofa beds for everyday use come with a no-quibble guarantee, including the mechanism, spare parts, and fabric.