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Which are the best storage beds?


If you’re looking for a storage bed you’re clearly wanting more storage, so it’s worth thinking about which type would suite you best. Broadly speaking there are ottoman beds, which lift up to give you storage under the mattress, and beds with large drawers in the divan.

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No two storage beds are ever the same...

Ottoman storage beds use a mechanism to lift the mattress to around head height giving access to the storage area inside. Ours use powerful gas pistons to easily raise and lower the mattress. The pistons also hold the bed open until you’re ready to close it, which is great if you’re loading or unloading lots of things.

Ottomans are great where space is tight. Ours can open from either the side or end or the whole mattress can lift with the fantastic Alto mechanism.

Beds with drawers for under bed storage are more widely available – and often cheaper. They will give you extra storage, but in reality they’re often not that easy to use and lots of space is wasted. The drawers are large – which is good for space obviously – but the downside is that when full they’re often too heavy to open and close. In fact even when they’re empty they can be awkward because of their size – one side goes in, the other gets stuck and needs jiggling to free it and so it goes on.

It’s not only how easy or otherwise they are to use that separates ottoman beds and those with underneath storage drawers. Ottoman beds have around forty percent more storage then those of a similar size with drawers. Under-bed drawers may look large but they’re often obstructed by part of the bed frame, so can’t actually be filled.

Durability is a question too. Our ottoman beds have been designed to last many years (and come with a full five year warranty – see the Warranty page for details). The mechanisms have been fully tested for daily use plus the storage base is supported on all sides and with a hidden central foot. Conversely, under-bed drawers are rarely strong enough to take the weight so before long the bases sag and collapse.

So, both ottoman beds and divans with drawers will give you extra storage. And I know I’m bias but I truly believe that ottoman style are by far the best. In terms of how accessible the storage is and the amount they hold they can’t be beaten.

One word of caution though. Not all ottoman beds are the same. Like many things in life you get what you pay for. Each one of ours is hand made using the highest quality materials. They’ve been carefully designed too to maximise storage while maintaining comfort. Cheaper versions often don’t offer the same amount of storage (because the storage area is divided), and are rarely supported in the centre so can collapse. Their mechanisms too are often weaker and won’t stand up to daily use.

We love ottoman beds. Over the years we’ve seen so many happy customers and so many bedrooms transformed. What more could we ask for?

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Customer Reviews

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602 Reviews

Michelle Parry

The sofa is great, I am in love! Both the sofa and the bed are really comfortable. The delivery team were great – very professional and friendly and got the bed put together really efficiently. They were very respectful of my home too.

Posted 5 days ago

Laurie Watt

I am hugely impressed by the bed. Whilst expensive, it is superbly made, looks good, is a joy to ‘manage’ and my guests say they have slept extremely well and would never believe that they were sleeping in a sofa bed. I have only docked the star because they were not as communicative as they might have been in the early stages, knowing I had a deadline. David, who had been most helpful in the shop, emailed his apology for any delay saying he was 'never in the shop'. Perhaps he should spend more time there. Anyway a great product.

Posted 1 week ago

Pilar Galan-Aguado

I bought a king size bed from Furl because I was looking for a company here in the UK that could made those kind of storage beds for quite a time, and I was glad to found this company. The bed was made according my specs and the quality of the materials and service are outstanding. Very happy with my purchase!!

Posted 1 month ago

Mary H

I wanted a normal height bed with storage. I looked around in the shops but none had the amount of storage space that furl beds do and also the sides were very chunky. Mattresses these days are very thick and I didn't want a bed that was high as it dominates a smaller room.I found the perfect bed at Furl. I went along to the showroom and they were very helpful. I also wanted a custom size and they were able to do it no problem. They fitted it promptly on time and it's looks great. Very happy with. it. The amount of storage is amazing for a bed that isn't that high and the quality is excellent..

Posted 1 month ago

Emily Bengue

Our sofa bed is incredibly comfortable and is being used as an 'everyday' bed with no complaints. The service itself was quick, reliable and easy. The payment options also made an expensive quality purchase much more manageable for us.

Posted 1 month ago

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