Best storage beds

Which Are The Best Storage Beds?

Furl specialises in making the best storage beds you can find.

Maybe your room has really low ceilings and a really contemporary style and so a low bed would be the best storage bed for your room. Then our Low Bed would be the greatest storage bed option. Of course as the name suggests, this is low down to the ground, but still has 24cm of storage.

All of our beds, no matter how much storage they offer are all designed and made to order. This means that you decide if you would like them to be made in fabric, leather or wood. You decide if you would like to add on a headboard, and if you do which headboard style you would like to add. So you really are creating the very best storage bed for your bedroom.

If you aren’t quite sure that you believe that we make the best storage beds, then why not see what our customers have to say about them here. And if that’s still not enough to really convince you, then pop over to our 3 London Showrooms to see them with your very own eyes.

What are the best storage beds?

Imagine a bedroom free of clutter, extra space in your wardrobe for essentials, and a bedroom room that just feels bigger and more organised. Furl storage beds solve the problem of where to store large items that you don’t use every day, like suitcases, ironing boards, holiday clothes, and Christmas decorations.

Our storage beds are the most beautiful, comfortable, practical, and easy to open, and have the deepest storage you’ll find anywhere. Our space-conscious storage beds take up less space in your room and are delivered and assembled by our team in your home.

For more information, check out our best storage bed buyers guide.

Why Furl’s are the best storage beds?

Our customers love our best storage beds, and there’s a few reasons why. Take a look at our storage bed range online and in our showrooms. Here’s why our storage ottoman beds are worth investing in for an amazing night’s sleep every night and to maxamise storage in your home.

Storage bed
Storage bed

Best under bed storage 

Furl’s storage beds are designed for storage; they maximise every cm of available space under the bed. We hope this storage beds buyers guide will help you pick the right storage bed.

Our ottoman beds have double the storage capacity of most other brands. We can even custom-make them for smaller spaces or maxamise storage for even larger beds.

Storage can also come with a lockable safe and even lockable under-bed storage, making them perfect for keeping precious items safe, or if you’re an Airbnb host.

Our storage beds save space, making them ideal for smaller bedrooms. Most other storage beds are 165×210 cm for king size. Our King-size bed is 154 x 204; that’s a pretty huge space-saving, and it gives you more storage than you’ll find elsewhere on the market.

Check out a selection of our storage bed reviews, and read every verified Furl customer review here.

A better night’s sleep: you wouldn’t know it’s a storage bed 

One of the biggest problems with other storage beds is they don’t always give you the best night’s sleep. Apart from our focus on storage space and space-saving innovative furniture, we want you to have the best night’s sleep possible.

Wood slats offer superior comfort and support for you and your mattress. The frames we use ensure the mattress is supported the whole way round, making these ottoman beds stronger than others on the market.

Furl beds can also support heavier mattresses, too. High-quality mattresses and pillows to give you the best night’s sleep every night!

Storage bed
Storage bed

Beautiful and stunning storage beds

Furl storage beds are designed to NOT look like a storage beds (most are bulky and ugly). Stunning designs that offer loads of storage, and a great night’s sleep!

Headboards are optional. Even fabric is optional for our storage beds. You can have a storage bed delivered naked and then pick fabrics later.

With Furl, you can pick from 100s of colours, fabrics, and even wood storage beds (wood veneers as they’re better for the environment), and if you want your own fabric, we can custom-make any storage ottoman bed in any size according to your fabric of choice.

Easier access to under bed storage 

Furl’s storage beds lift higher than other storage beds. Lifting higher means better access to the storage area inside, especially at the back of the bed.

There’s nothing worse than knowing there’s something under your bed you can’t reach, especially when you know you need to grab it quickly. Or knowing it’s going to be a struggle to get it out from under the bed. Not a problem with a Furl storage bed.

Furl beds all come with side, end, and electronic (remote control) opening mechanisms.

Storage bed
Storage bed

First-class service every time 

We go above and beyond with delivery and installation. It’s one of the reasons for our 1300+ 4.9/5 star reviews. We deliver and install storage beds in your room – removing all the stress from worrying if it’s going to fit or how to build it. We take care of everything, including packaging and even recycling your old furniture.

Furl ensures every bed we make will fit into almost any space (including tight stairways) and we build storage beds for you upon delivery. With Furl, every storage bed comes with guarantees and a first-class white-glove service.

Every Furl bed comes with a no-quibble refund guarantee, a 5-year warranty (2 years for fabrics) and we will always send out any spare parts you need if anything needs replacing.

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In the market for a Storage Bed?

Furl storage beds are different for the following reasons:

  • Maximum Storage with the Smallest Footprint
  • We make all UK, US, and European Sizes
  • Easy-to-lift: Side or End Opening mechanisms
  • Electric Opening Mechanisms available
  •  100s of Colour and Finish Options
  • Beds sold “naked,” so you can pick colours later
  • Get the best night’s sleep possible every night on a Furl storage bed.

Come and see Furl’s beds at any of our 3 London showrooms, and check out our range of storage beds online.

Need a storage bed in a hurry? Take a look what we’ve got in-stock for quicker delivery.