Sofas with Storage (and we mean lots of storage)

Do we make sofas?

We’ve been making sofa beds for the last 12 years or so, our range has evolved beautifully during that time and we are delighted to have created 12 different models, each one with its own character and style – we like to think we’ve created a sofa bed for everyone and for every space.

Over the years we’ve been asked if we can make a matching sofa, and yes, we have (reluctantly!) made the occasional one or two for customers who purchased a sofa bed – you see, we’re passionate about multi-functional furniture, and a sofa, well it’s just a sofa.   I’ll come back to that later, read on.

We love creating space

For those of you who follow our brand, you’ll know that our business started with a storage bed. The idea of making storage beds ignited our passion for all things storage, practical and clever and over the years we’ve incorporated practical storage into every product we’ve made.  We’ve made arms with hidden storage in our sofa beds which continue to be one of the most popular arm options across the range, understandable, as it’s the perfect place to store the linen and pillows.  Side pockets on beds and sofa for magazines,  iPad storage, storage inside foot stools, in fact where there is a cavity, we create meaningful usable storage, it’s our obsession.

We’re always looking for new ways to make furniture better, our love of home and making the most of the space we have is the driving force behind Furl, we know that carefully chosen furniture that does more than one thing can change the way we will and enjoy our home more, and that’s why we keep doing what we do.

Thinking about suitcases, again…

So, getting back to a sofa just being a sofa and without wanting to bang on about it being boring,    we looked again at our sofa bed range and re-imagined what we could achieve.    Our customers travel, we know that because we’ve lost count of the times that people walk into the showroom carrying suitcases, naturally, we’re excited to see them and when we excitedly ask them where they’ve been we’re a disappointed when they say Clapham (we do love Clapham but the way), and the reason for the suitcases?    oh, they wanted to try them in our beds.

So, our love for Samsonite luggage has grown over the years and any keen luggage spotter will have noticed that most of our beds in the showroom and in the photos feature lots of Samsonite cases, we do think our products deserve the best props.   Anyway, as we were sitting on our sofa bed contemplating, re-imagining how we can make a sofa more than just a sofa I started thinking about travel and suitcases and how soon we’ll all be traveling again.   And you know those ‘what if’ moments, well we had another one.

What if?

What if, large Samsonite suitcases could be stored under the sofa?  That’s a great idea!   So that’s what we did.   We don’t have a drawing board (though it does sounds good) so we skipped that part and got straight into the fun ‘build it’ part, the plan being, how do we create storage in a sofa big enough to store not one but two big Samsonite suitcases.   I fully understand that some of you might have somewhere else to store your luggage, that’s why we’ve designed the space so it can be used for all manner of stuff.

Drum roll… Furl now make boring sofa’s, not really – but we are making sofa’s with a very practical feature, huge, massive, cavernous, deep and surprisingly big storage inside.   We did it, we looked at sofas differently, and with our obsession with storage, we’ve created a sofa with an insane amount of storage.  Yes, two of the large samsonite suitcases do fit inside and loads more too.   The storage is discrete and hidden from view, you really won’t believe!  So there you go – sofas with storage space! What’s not to like about a couch with storage?

Buy less furniture

There’s more, let’s just say you buy a sofa with storage now, but in a few year’s time, you decide you need a sofa bed, good news, we can add our sofa bed mechanism to your storage sofa instantly.  We like to keep things simple and modular and this approach to furniture buying enables you to buy less furniture, that does more.   That’s got to be good for your wallet and the planet.

Furl storage sofas are available in every design and size and fabric, they match the sofa bed range in every detail.   Whilst we wait for the final professional images to be created, here are a few iPhone shots of our final prototype, now on display at our London.   You can see the full range here: