Introducing Our Vertico Wall Bed…

Can’t decide what to do with your spare room? Maybe you have just moved house and haven’t decorated yet? Perhaps you are renovating? Maybe you have a new arrival and need more sleeping space? Well, we have a solution that will help you to make the most out of your space. Introducing our Vertico Wall Bed…

Here is what you need to know
  • This wall bed can hold a full depth 22cm mattress giving you the best possible sleep experience.
  • All of our wall beds can be delivered and installed by our expert.
  • The wall beds open and close easily which makes them ideal for every night use. There is also a safety feature which stops the bed from falling.
  • The wall bed comes in 6 bed sizes.
  • This wall bed cabinet has a sleek and subtle design.
  • This wall bed also has a range of custom designs which make this a multi-functional piece of furniture.

Wall beds have become our fastest growing product in recent months. This product is growing in popularity with city dwellers and home owners who want to save space. Our wall bed provides a supremely comfortable and sturdy sleeping base that is suitable for every night use. When the day comes around, the wall bed can easily be closed in seconds, allowing you more space to make use of in your home.

Wall bed design is constantly evolving. We are designing everyday wall beds to be more multi-functional because we want to help you make better use of the space in your home. No longer is a wall bed a wardrobe-like cabinet tucked away in the back of a room, our wall beds are increasingly designed to be more than just a bed that’s hidden away.

Do you want a guest bedroom and a home office?

With our Vertico wall bed you can have both! Vertico has a range of useful options that will enhance your space. You can add a desk and it becomes your office or study during the day. You can add shelves and it becomes a feature in your room for books or your favourite objects or photos. Not only does this enhance the design of your wall bed, but it is also practical. The clever part happens when you open the bed, you don’t need to clear your desk or shelves as the ingenious mechanism keeps everything flat and in place.

Do you want a guest bedroom and a home gym?

Life in the city can be fast paced and you may find yourself wondering how you can fit everything into one week. As a result, you might want to start exercising from the comfort of your own home. The pandemic sent sales of home gym equipment flying. Home gym equipment is now more accessible than ever before.

Not only does our Vertico wall bed provide a great sleeping base but it is also compact when closed which gives you more space to use for home workouts. You can now add mirrors to the front of your wall bed cabinet. This gives your room a home studio look which is perfect for a workout space. Home gym equipment, seen in the image, can be bought from WaterRower.

Visit our Swiss Cottage showroom to see how introducing our Vertico Wall bed could help you…