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7 Best space saving ideas for apartment living

If you’re a crowded city dweller then you will know the importance of using square footage optimally. You might have carefully made plans for every room in your home and still find yourself surrounded by clutter. We have put together our best tips, tricks and illusions to help you create more space in your home.


Invest in a Storage Bed

Furniture that can double up as storage is an absolute must for compact apartment living. Use your bed to store towels, bedding and shoes without taking up an extra inch in your bedroom. At Furl, we have a range of storage beds with innovative designs which means you get enough storage for suitcases but don’t need to compromise on style.

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Create an illusion of more space using mirrors

Whilst adding mirrors to your home won’t actually create more space, it can give the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. Oversized mirrors can help a space to look bigger by giving a window effect as well as reflecting light around the room. Why not try making some wall art out of smaller pieces of mirror?

Light and Bright

Interior designers suggest opting for a light and airy décor if you are limited with your space. Dark corners make a room look smaller so it is important to make sure the light reaches across the room. Experts suggest choosing a lighter colour for the walls. This will allow natural lighting to reflect off your walls making your space look bigger and brighter. If you have opted for curtains, try hanging them as high and as wide as possible as this will allow more natural light to get into your room and make the ceiling look higher.

Think Vertically

Make the most of the space you have vertically on all levels. Try adding shelves for storage so that you have less stored on the floor. Putting the shelves up as high as possible will create the illusion of more space. Additionally, opting for glass shelves can help the room to look less compact.

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Multifunctional Furniture

Can’t decide whether to make your spare room into a guest room or a home office? Why not make it both? Using a wall bed with a desk attached you can create a space that can be used for working in the daytime and sleeping overnight.

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Invest in a wardrobe organising system

Adding shelves and dividers to a section of your wardrobe will allow you to store away more than just clothes in an organised and clutter-free way. This will allow you to access your belongings easily but keep them out of sight allowing you to maintain a minimal bedroom aesthetic.

Make use of your doors

Adding hooks or organisers to the back of your door allows you to store coats, belts, jewellery, shoes and more without taking up anymore floor space.