Our Wall Bed Range

Our Wall Beds are designed to be used every night as your main bed and every day as a wall.   
They are easy to open, made in 3 sizes and in 100s of paint options.

Vertico Wallbed


Vertico is a complete range of vertical wall beds that designed to make better use of your room. Clever options including shelves and desk options and two depths with storage built in.



Horizon is a horizontal wall bed that has certain advantages over the standard vertical model as it does not require as much height or length for the bed when extended. Horizon is available in two versions, 35 with a super slim cabint and 60 with storage and shelves inside.

Wall bed design is constantly evolving to make better use of the space we live in but we’re also designing wall beds to be more multi-functional. No longer is a wall bed a wardrobe like cabinet tucked away in the back of a room, our wall beds are designed to be more than just a bed that’s hidden away. This is great news as it makes better use of your space, it also doubles up as a secondary piece of furniture you don’t need to buy.

Vertico has a range of useful options that will enhance your space, add a desk and it is your office or study during the day, add shelves and it becomes a feature in your room for books or your favourite objects or photos. The clever part happens when you open the bed, you don’t need to clear your desk or shelves as the ingenious mechanism keeps the everything flat and in place.