Furl Storage Beds

Why Our Storage Beds Are The Best

We know there are lots of storage beds online, but they're not all the same! Enjoy this little guide on what makes our beds unique.

Good to know: Our beds are delivered in sections and expertly assembled by our team. Access into your room will not be a problem.


Huge storage with no dividers

Our beds are designed to maximise the storage potential in your bedroom. Even our slimmest model has plenty of space for your biggest bags and luggage. Because the storage is not split in two (like so many storage beds) you are not limited as to what you can store.


A small footprint = More space

We're all about giving you space, not taking it away with big chunky frames, which is why our bed frames are about the same size as the mattress. Our space-conscious designs make our storage beds the most space-saving you can get.


We lift higher, for better access

Our easy-to-use lifting mechanism raises the mattress higher than any other storage bed. This is really important because it allows you to access the items stored within the bed (even at the back) easily from the front and sides.


Sturdy & supported

It's all about the mechanism; the orthopedic sprung beech slats work with your mattress to support the sleeping surface. Each side is sprung independently for greater comfort and a better night's sleep.


Delivered in sections for easy access

Our expert delivery and assembly team will carefully assemble your new bed in your room and because it's delivered in sections, access is rarely a problem. A storage bed comes in around 10 sections. The mechanism is divided into two, each of the four bed panels is separate, the four supporting corner steel brackets are all delivered separately too and the headboard is a separate item. If you have one of our storage beds that has a solid base, the base is also delivered in two sections. All parts fit through a standard sized doorway with ease.

Our showroom visitors say “ WOW! ”

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