Quality Sofa Beds

Quality Sofa Beds - How we make them

To build sofa beds that are good enough to be used every day and be sleep on every night we start with quality materials, brilliant design and workmanship, which is why we’ve spent years finding the very best of everything, from springs, fillings, special fixings and skilled craftsmen.

The Mechanism

This is the heart of a good sofa bed, the foundation that makes or breaks the feel and comfort of the sofa and the bed, get this wrong and you’ll never make the sofa bed comfortable. In a market place where there are 1000s of mechanisms available, we chose just three that are good enough for us to put our name to. They’re made for us by a small family-run company in Italy, and with their 50 years of experience of in making the best sofa bed mechanisms, we’ve never looked back. We’ve been using the patented Lampolet system since 2007. 

The Sofa

Because we started from scratch when we designed our sofa beds we had complete control over the components we used in their manufacture. Having started with the correct mechanism, all the other components are designed around it.

Unlike a traditional sofa where there is a wooden frame and everything is glued and screwed to it, we make each section of the sofa as an individual part, which then attach to the metal sofa bed frame. Not only does this make the sofa bed modular but it also allows us to deliver the sofa bed in sections so access into your room is never a problem.

The component parts are made from a variety of different materials each chosen for their weight, stability and durability, seat cushions are expertly constructed in the most advanced foam materials currently available to achieve excellent comfort but without feeling the hard mechanism on which you’re sitting.  

The Sleep Experience

Mattresses are central to the design of our comfortable sofa beds. All our sofa mattresses are up to 12, 14 and 18cm deep, a thickness and comfort rarely seen on sofa beds. They’re also of the same high quality as those made for beds yet designed to fold away. After all, a sofa bed will never be comfortable without a decent mattress... but it doesn’t stop there; the support under the mattress has to be just as good to deliver that all round great sleep experience.

Fabrics, Leathers and Sustainable Materials

All our beautiful fabrics and leathers have been tested for their durability and score very highly for use in the home. We’ve done the homework, all you need to do is choose the colour.

The final finish of a sofa bed is what will make it unique. We want you to have yours looking just as you want it so we’ve chosen a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers. You can see a selection of our best sellers on our fabric page and we can send you samples to see them in your home. If you visit our showroom, we have our full range on display.