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Why Our Sofa Beds Are The Best

We know there are loads of sofa beds online, but they're not all the same! In this little guide we will tell you what makes our sofa beds unique.

Good to know: Our sofa beds are delivered in sections, and expertly assembled by us. Access into your room is rarely a problem.


Designed for the ultimate sleep experience

Designed from scratch with one goal, to offer you the very best sleep experience on a sofa bed. Read on to learn what makes our sofa beds so different from the rest.


A normal bed height

Fall into bed like it’s a real bed. With a Furl sofa bed there’s no more getting on your hands and knees to get into bed like most traditional sofa beds. Our sofa beds are designed to feel like a real bed. By designing the bed to be at a normal bed height, it makes getting in and out a pleasure whatever your age. This is just one part of the Furl sofa bed experience.


Fully sprung and supportive

Because we position the steel bars under the mattress in places you’re less likely to feel them we’ve created zones that are completely sprung (like a real bed) to give the best possible sleep experience on a sofa bed.


Nice legs

The weakest part of a traditional sofa bed is the legs, often made from flimsy tubular steel they bend and break too easily. Ours don’t. We designed them to withstand use every day as a bed and as a sofa for years.


Mattress sizes to suit you

The bigger the bed the better you sleep, that’s a proven fact, and that’s why we make our sofa beds in 5 real bed sizes, single to a huge super king size. The average high street sofa bed has a mattress that’s only 180cm long and 9cm thick. Ours are all 2m long and up to 18cm thick. Not only that, we offer you a choice of mattress style and firmness. Because we know every body is different.

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