While the make all our products to be as small and space conscious as possible we know there are time you may need a little reassurance that you're chosen bed or sofa bed will fit  perfectly. 

If you're in the London area and would like on our our lovely people to visit you at home to measure your space get in touch in the showrooms, on trephine or you can request visit on this page

Honey, do you know where I put the tape measure?

Does that sound familiar?   I can never find a tape measure when I need one, so when it comes to measuring I use a variety of methods including holding my hands apart, or marking the height position with a hand on my leg…. it's not very scientific but occasionally it works out fine, sometimes it does not!

Finding the perfect space for a sofa bed or a bed isn't difficult, (unless you're fortunate to have a very large house)  most rooms are designed with an idea of where a bed or sofa might be placed.  The size however is another consideration as you'll want it to both look good in the room and give you all the space you need to sit and sleep, there's a balance to this which takes a little experience and a good eye.

Most of our customers are replacing a sofa or a bed, so visually, that space is already fixed , give or take a few cm, replacing like for like works.  However, if you're replacing the bed in your spare room with a sofa bed, it needs a little more thought and some measuring.

It's a well known fact that the bigger the bed, the better you sleep, so what if, with some expert advice, you could not just fit a 3 seater sofa bed into the space, but a 4 seater?  You get more sofa and a bigger bed, thats a win win which with come clever choices, could take up the same amount of space.     Thats where you can call on the expertise of our staff, we're experts in saving space but also maximising it.

Naturally, if you visit our showroom or call us we give you this advice on the spot, we'll need to know a few details about your space and we'll give you good sound advice.   If however, you're unsure, or would like us to visit you at home with a tape measure and years of experience, just let us know and we'll be delighted to help.

Our home measuring service is currently a free service that we offer in London, it's not a design consultation, we offer it to help you decide which size fits, not only into your house ( spoiler, they all do) but what is going to look great in your room and also meet your needs.   We think buying furniture should be as enjoyable as possible, we'd like to take away the 'will it fit' anxiety and give you the confidence to choose furl.

To organise a home visit to measure, please visit one of our showrooms to discuss your needs with our experts or complete the form here and we will contact you to arrange it.