Want to hear what our customers are saying?

Want to hear what our customers think of our Sofa Beds? There is still a big black cloud hanging over sofa beds. How can they actually be comfortable? How can they actually be used regularly? Are they really any good? Well, ours actually are for everyday use. They are actually comfortable, and they really are very good! Without blowing our own trumpet or anything…

So we thought we’d tell you what our last few customers think of them. Honest reviews and why they are so happy with their purchases.

We’ve just taken delivery of our new sofa bed and this is a quick line to say how delighted we are with it. Once again, like our storage bed, it’s a superior product. I would also like to add that the delivery team: Jake and Gregory were polite and courteous and extremely careful navigating up the steep stairs plus had full knowledge and genuine pride in the product.

— Janet

We love it when our customers come back to us and purchase again. We are so pleased to hear that Janet not only loved her storage bed, but loved it so much she came back to order a sofa bed too.

Wonderful customer service and very comfortable sofa bed.Perfect for our small flat. Thank you for all your advice and assistance.

— Kathy

It makes us so happy to hear that our customers are not only delighted with our product, but also our service.

An excellent sofa bed that my guests have found to be very comfortable, and which is extremely easy to fold away (in seconds) to return the room to daytime use.


Comfortable isn’t often a word associated with sofa beds. But our range really is comfy! Come and try them at our showroom to see for yourself.

We received our sofa bed last December, just in time for my parents arriving for a visit. My dad, who has a bad back, said that it was the best sofa bed he’s ever slept on. It’s very comfortable. And as a sofa, it’s great. It has stood the test of time with our four kids sitting on it on a daily basis. The only thing I would say could be improved upon would be with the matching throw cushions – a feather proof lining case to enclose the main cushion would be great as I have feathers poking through all the time. Otherwise, a fantastic piece of furniture. Thanks.

— Shelley

We honestly cannot stop smiling that Shelley’s dad thinks our sofa beds are the best ever. And that Shelley likes the sofa too.

So have our customers convinced you?

We love our job, our products, our showroom and our team. But we absolutely love hearing from you, and our customers kind words are the reason why we do all of this. It is difficult to believe that our sofa beds are actually comfortable, as sofas and as beds. So we hope that a few words from people that use them has finally convinced you that they actually are!