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A desk that turns into a bed – how does it work?

So how’s working from home going? Are you still spending all day in your pyjamas?  Working from bed in your PJs might have felt like a luxury at one time but the novelty is starting to wearing off. We’re all trying to find more practical ways of working in the space we have available – and a desk that turns into a bed allows you to do just that.

You can still work from your bed, but on a proper sturdy desk that tucks away out of sight when it’s finally time to switch off. Want to see how it works?

folding bed with a desk

What is a wall bed with a desk? 

Also known as a Murphy bed, this type of bed folds away into a small slimline cabinet against the wall. When you’re finished with the bed, you can store it away out of sight. 

There are a lot of wall beds on the market, but ours is a little different. We think this type of bed should be just as functional when it’s folded away as it is when you’re using it for sleeping.  

The Furl wall bed can be customised to include a desk or shelves so that you’re actually getting two pieces of furniture in one. 

Desk that turns into a bed, pull down bed with desk

How do desks that turn into a bed work?

We have a complete range of wall beds that are designed to do more with less. 

The Murphy desk bed uses gas springs, so it’s easy to pull down and fold away despite the fact that it’s got a full-sized mattress on it. They can be plain fronted or you can add a desk so that your wall bed can become your office during the day.

And when you want to use the bed you don’t need to clear the desk. This cleverly designed space-saving desk bed keeps everything flat and in place when you pull down the mattress. 

You can also use any mattress with our wall beds too – as long as it’s no more than 22cm deep. That’s a full-depth mattress, so having a pull-down bed with a desk doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on sleep comfort.

space-saving desk bed, desk that turns into a bed

What is the Vertico wall bed desk from Furl? 

Wall beds are absolutely brilliant for smaller spaces because they can be tucked away out of sight. The Vertico wall bed is a foldaway bed with a desk that is housed in a slimline cabinet so it doesn’t encroach on your living space. 

Despite being compact, the wall beds in the Vertico range are big enough to fit a full-size, full-depth mattress on its wooden slats.   

We have a number of mattresses available for our wall beds. They are made for us by mattress specialist, Health Beds. You can choose from the Slim 1600, Memory Flex 750, and Latex 750.

No longer do you need to tuck your wall bed into a wardrobe out of the way because a folding bed with a desk is a multi-functional piece of furniture that doubles up as two pieces of furniture.   

Frequently asked questions on wall beds with a desk

If you’ve got a question about our desk wall beds, you might find the answer here. 

What is a fold-up wall bed called? 

A fold-up bed is sometimes called a Murphy bed but this is largely an American term. In England, we also call this type of bed a pull-down bed, fold-down bed, or a hidden bed. 

You can read more on this in our blog post on Murphy wall beds vs. Furl wall beds.

How does a foldaway bed work? 

A foldaway bed is attached to a wall-mounted structure – usually a slimline cabinet – with hinges at one end so it can be folded away when it’s not in use. Most wall beds are fitted with gas springs to make lifting the bed and mattress easier.  

Are wall beds comfy to sleep on? 

A desk that turns into a bed doesn’t sound like it would be comfy but our Vertico wall bed fits the full range of UK and European-sized mattresses, so it’s just like sleeping on any normal bed. 

Can you use a desk wall bed everyday?

Yes, we designed our wall bed with a desk so you can use it every day, but it would work just as well in a guest room for occasional use.

We’re always looking for space saving ideas for our customers and this multi-functional wall bed ticks all the right boxes.