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How to arrange a bedroom layout

Now we mostly work from home, exercise at home and spend our weekends and date nights all at home. I think we’ve all realised how important it is to absolutely love our homes! And with that in mind, we thought we’d tell you how to layout a bedroom. So that when you can finally relax at the end of a day, you love your bedroom space too.

There are lots of different bedroom layouts, due to different shapes and sizes of bedroom. Some are more functional, some more relaxing.  Some are larger than you know what to do with them, but others seem like they might not even fit a bed! You might have enough room for a dressing table, or perhaps even for a seating area. Or there literally might not even be room for a bedside table. So there isn’t really a set bedroom layout, it’s what works for you and your space.

Bedroom Layout Plans

Types of bedroom SHAPES AND LAYOUTS

The standard set up for a small square bedroom is a Bed, 2 x Bedside Tables and a Freestanding Wardrobe. Typically the bed would either be opposite the entrance door, or on the wall the door is on. The wardrobe would be pushed into a corner, either next to the window or at the side of the bed. Usually leaving a rather awkward corner in-between the side table and wardrobe. Or an awkward gap to fit through.

Slightly larger rectangular bedrooms become much easier to work with, and there may even be space to add a full wall of fitted wardrobes. Perhaps even a dressing table too. If the room is even larger and longer still, then you might be able to create a master bedroom setup and a seating setup within the same room.

First of all you need to work out what furniture you would need within your bedroom, the very bare minimum. Not all the things you’d like, but just the things you really need. And then work out how it might best fit into your bedroom layout. If there is still room leftover, then you can look to add more.

Where to position the bed

The bed is undoubtably going to be the largest item in the room. So the positioning of the bed is definitely the most important in relation to the best bedroom layout. First of all you need to work out the size you’d like, and that you think your bedroom can accommodate.

Furl Mattress and Frame Size Dimensions

There will only be a select number of locations within your bedroom that you will actually be able to fit your bed. Ensuring that it isn’t blocking radiators or windows or doors. So it should be fairly easy to plot it into your square bedroom layout.

If you are fortunate enough to have a view, always try to position your bed facing it. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and sipping on a cup of tea looking out to a beautiful view.

Where to position the furniture

The rest of the furniture then needs to slot into place. Typically you might need a bedside table or two. So it’s a case of working out if these can actually fit into your bedroom layout. You might only have space for one – or perhaps you can just about fit a second, but you need to be a bit clever with it. Like having a floating shelf rather than an actual piece of floor standing furniture.

The next furniture to look at are the wardrobes. Are fitted wardrobes an option, or will it have to be freestanding wardrobes either side of your bed? How many people are you having to store clothes floor? And what is the maximum width you can take it to? The general depth of wardrobes is 60cm, and with the doors and backboard, most end up about 63cm deep. But don’t just consider the depth, also think about the opening of the doors. You might need to go for sliding doors within your bedroom layout to make it work.

There are then all of the other items of furniture, like a wash basket that you still need somewhere! If you have a bay window, this is a perfect place for a wash basket, or a blanket box for extra storage you might desperately need.

Whenever you position any furniture within your bedroom layout plan, just think about space to walk around or fit through, the space between bed and wall is essential. We usually require at least 50cm to easily pass through or by something. If you don’t have this – that’s totally ok, but we wouldn’t usually recommend it being any less than 30cm without it feeling really cramped.

Bedroom Furniture Options

Bedroom Layout Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do make sure you leave some room between a bedside table and the bed. Lots of people measure everything in one long line and forget that you won’t want furniture totally touching each other. We’d recommend a minimum of 10cm between a bedside and a bed. But if you have drawers, think about leaving more room so that the duvet doesn’t get caught up in the drawers.
  • Don’t just assume that a King Size bed will fit into your room. Spaces are getting smaller and so you need to make sure that you definitely measure the bed in the room before ordering. (The great thing about our storage beds is that the frames are tiny – so you might actually be able to fit the bigger bed in after all).
  • Do make sure that there is at least 50cm between the end of the bed and the wall. If you have wardrobes at the end of the bed with opening doors, you might need even more space at the bed end so that you can still open the wardrobe doors and walk around them.
  • Don’t always think that you have to have a headboard. Yes the look aesthetically pleasing, and if you can fit one great. But unfortunately lots of rooms are just too small for them. Paint a section of wall to give the illusion of a headboard, or get some really big cushions to put behind your pillows.
  • Don’t fill the room too full with furniture. You want your bedroom to feel relaxing, and although you might need as much storage space as you can get. Try not to completely fill your bedroom. You can always add more later if you really need to.
  • Do what you want to do, and what makes you feel happy. This is your bedroom, and you want it to be your sanctuary, not what a magazine tells you it should look like.
Bedroom Design Ideas

Quick Tips for Small Bedrooms

Lower beds give the appearance of more space. Even though they actually still take up the same floor space within a bedroom layout, they do help to make the room feel more airy. So if your bedroom is small then we’d definitely suggest looking at lower beds. In fact our Low Bed was designed for this very reason. And with 22cm of storage height, it will eliminate the need for other bulky furniture too.

This may not be directly linked to the bedroom layout plan, but painting small bedrooms in light colours will also help to make them feel brighter and more spacious. B&Q is now open for business – so you could easily pick up a paint tin and transform your room quickly. We’re loving the warmer neutral shades at the moment like Farrow and Ball’s Shadow White, or the sightly darker Purbeck Stone.

Open Storage Bed

Inspiration and Style Ideas

We actually created a stylish luxury bedroom scheme not that long ago on our blog, which included our Mirage Bed in a beautiful Altantis Omega Velvet. But if a stylish bedroom layout isn’t for you, then here are a few of our favourite interior Instagram accounts to give you all the inspiration and style ideas you might need.

The Harborough Home

KJG Home

Pages of Emma – (Particularly for kids bedroom layouts!)

For Rustic Chic think white linen bedding, window shutters and a distressed wooden dressing table.

If you’re after more of a retro feel find a black leather bed, dark walnut furniture and add in touches of brass.

House of Three Layout Plan

Becca, our in-house Interior Designer, is currently offering digital layout plan services through her Interior Design Company ‘House of Three‘. Just DM her on Instagram to get started. So you can feel confident ordering a Furl Storage Bed, knowing that it will fit and look good in your bedroom layout.