thick sofa bed mattresses

Thick Sofa Bed Mattresses you need to try

Sofa bed mattresses have never been known for their comfort, they’re too thin, too short and quite honestly too uncomfortable to have a good nights rest on –There are lots of sofa beds on the market with incredibly slim mattresses. Some only as much as 8cm thick (so really thin).  But you’ve luckily landed on the right website now. As ours are very different and designed to be used every day as your main bed. We have three thick sofa bed mattresses that you absolutely must try. And by thick, we mean 14cm! Almost double what most other places are offering.

thick sofa bed mattresses

So here is a little bit more information about the thick sofa bed mattresses we offer

All of our sofa bed mattresses can actually be used to sleep on every single night of the week. So they can be used as your main bed. This is not only down to the thickness of the mattresses, or that they are all 2 metres long, but also the frames that they lie within. Each of our mattress options are different though, so I’ll explain the how’s and the why’s.

1. Pocket sprung

The first of the 14cm thick mattresses is our pocket sprung, which is formed like a traditional British Pocket Sprung Mattress. The springs are held within individual wool pockets within the mattress. As a Medium/Firm mattress it will give you great support as well as the springs giving you that little bounce. This mattress costs £145.00.

2. Reflex 45

Slightly firmer than our pocket sprung mattress, Reflex foam is a hi-tech foam that does not have the heat retaining properties of memory foam or the bounce of springs. It is again 14cm thick and can be used on a regular basis. This mattress costs £195.00.

3. Memory Foam

If you love memory foam you’ll love this mattress, as it offers exceptional pressure-relieving properties for a great night’s sleep. However it is likened to marmite! You will either love it or hate it and for this reason we don’t recommend this mattress if your sofa bed is for guest use. The most expensive of the three, this mattress costs £245.00.

It really is best that you come to our showroom and try the mattresses out for yourselves though. As I can’t tell you which is the best mattress, because it’s always personal preference. And only you will know which is the right one for you or for your guests. Price also doesn’t determine which one is the best, just the cost of the materials used to make the mattress.