Sofabed Matrresses

Our mattresses are the thickest, longest and most comfortable you can get on a sofa bed - guaranteed!

Just because it's a sofa bed, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on comfort - that’s why we offer you three mattress types for all models of our sofa beds. There is a choice of Coil Sprung, Reflex 45, Pocket Sprung and Memory Foam and available in 5 sizes Single to Super King!

Did you know? The average high street sofa bed has a mattress that’s only 180cm long and 9cm thick, so it's hardly surprising that not many have had a good night's sleep on a sofa bed. Ours are different they're 2 meters long (6'6) and a reassuring 14cm thick - say goodbye to dangling feet!

Despite the obvious benefits of a quality, thick mattress, without a decent base for it to rest on, it would not perform as well or give the support you need. Our mechanisms are designed to complement the mattress; together they work brilliantly to offer the very best sleep experience you'll get on a sofa bed.