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Teenage bedroom storage ideas – our top tips

Teenagers are notoriously messy, but there are things you can do to make it easier for them to tidy up. In this article, we look at teenage bedroom storage ideas and share some of our top tips for organising their space. 

1. Add under-bed storage with an ottoman bed 

Somewhere under the piles of clothes and dirty dishes lurks the furniture you bought for your teenager when they were much younger. If it’s no longer fit for purpose, it’s time to update it.

Consider upgrading your teen’s bed to something more grown-up with extra storage. With an ottoman bed, the mattress lifts up to reveal storage underneath that is equal to the size of the bed.

It’s the perfect place to hide the clutter, and the best part is that it doesn’t take up any extra space in the room because the bed’s footprint is exactly the same as a standard bed frame. 

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2. Create a chill zone for your teenager to relax 

A teenager’s bedroom is their haven – a place for them to retreat to when life gets too much. In this one room, they sleep, study, and relax, so it makes sense to create zones that reflect the way they use the space. 

Add bean bags or a sofa bed, so they have somewhere to sit and relax. It stops them from being tempted to lie in bed while they’re watching TV or gaming. It also gives their friends somewhere to sit when they come over.  

3. Make a small room feel larger with a high sleeper

Wondering how to make a small teenage bedroom look bigger? Consider swapping their bed for a high sleeper.

By moving the bed off the floor, you will have space underneath it to put a wardrobe, desk, or even a guest bed or a small sofa bed. 

4. Invest in a good desk and chair for studying 

Today’s teenagers are under a lot of pressure to do well academically. This time in their life is characterised by an intense period of study, which is why investing in a good quality desk and a supportive chair makes sense. 

To keep your teen’s desk clutter-free, make it easy for them to put things away. We really like the idea of using a memo board with hooks, shelves and caddies where they can store their bits and pieces.

Keeping it off the desk and on the wall is a great way to keep things organised without taking up valuable workspace. 

Desk and chair for study in bedroom

5. Combine their desk and bed to save space

A high sleeper with a desk underneath is one way to save on floor space, but imagine if you could make the bed disappear altogether.

With a wall bed, you can fold away your teen’s bed when they’re not using it. Not only does this give you back some living space, but some wall beds also come with a desk fitted to the underside.

This is the ultimate multi-functional piece of bedroom furniture for teenagers. 

6. Plan your power points around the furniture 

When you’re looking at ways to organise your teen’s bedroom, think about how you can position the furniture to take advantage of the room’s power outlets.

Overloaded sockets and trailing wires are dangerous and an eyesore. To keep the room clutter free, consider investing in electrical items that double up as a wireless charger – a desk lamp, for example. 

Try to keep phone chargers and electrical devices away from your teen’s bed. Though there is no conclusive evidence that mobile phones are bad for you, they can affect your quality of sleep.

Read more on why you shouldn’t sleep with your phone next to you.

Phone charging on desk lamp

7. Add a vanity area for storing cosmetics  

If your teen loves make-up, giving them a place to store their cosmetics can help them keep on top of the mess. Create a vanity area with a mirror that has shelves under it to store bottles, bags, and brushes.

You don’t need expensive furniture to create a vanity area. An over-the-door mirror with shelves makes a cost-effective vanity unit and takes up less room than a bulky dressing table. 

8. Use wall shelves to keep the floor clear  

To keep your teen’s bedroom floor clear of clutter, utilise the vertical space in the room with floor-to-ceiling wall shelves. This is an effective way of making a small space feel bigger, and it’s great for storing books, photo frames, and even clothes.

You can also make use of awkward and under-used spaces with custom-made shelves. 

Storage for teenage bedrooms – the bottom line 

There are plenty of teenage bedroom storage ideas here, but where do you begin? Before you start making changes, make sure your teen is fully on board. This will save you a headache further down the line if they decide they don’t like what you’ve done.

Put together a shared Pinterest board where you can both add ideas. You might have to veto some of their more outrageous ideas, but working together is a chance to bond over the shared experience.