Mini Console Table

Console tables are one of our most popular table products, so we're really excited to bring you a brand-new model that is just incredible!  It's the smallest console table we've ever made.

This is the  smallest console in the world and measures just 20 cm deep! Mini is a discreet piece of furniture, concealing table extensions inside that allow it to stretch up to 162 cm, accommodating up to 6/8 guests.  An incredible marvel of furniture engineering.

So, if you're short on space but big on entertaining, Mini could be the perfect table for you.

Available in 5 real wood finishes.


You won't believe your eyes, from 20cm to 160cm, and with no extra space needed to store the extensions ( because they are cleverly kept inside the table) this table takes Space Conscious design to a new level.

The operation of opening / extending the table is so simple, pull apart the two halves and add 1, 2 or 3 extensions depending on how much space you have or guests you need to seat.   The extensions click firmly together to create a sturdy extended table.

Prices for Mini start from £2495, we have this amazing table in stock for quick delivery.   It's on display at our Barbican showroom.

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